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How Toyota Free VIN Decoding Authenticates the Car’s Identity and History

Toyota Free VIN Decoding from 1958 to Today

Although founded in 1993, it would not be until 1958 that the first Toyotas would find themselves in America – in Hollywood, California to be exact.  The first year saw 288 vehicles sold – and thus 288 of the very first American Toyota VIN decoding to begin!   Alas, the first model in America, the Toyopet was a flop, but the Land Cruiser, known for its durability as an ATV, would sustain Toyota’s sales in America.   The first popular Toyota in the United States, however, would not emerge until 1966, when the Corona was introduced and sold 20,000 vehicles.  These sales were supplemented with the very successful Corolla, which would go on to make history, becoming the world’s best selling passenger car in all time.  Imagine working as a Toyota VIN decoder for all 30 million of the Corollas sold internationally!

A Toyota VIN decoder starts by locating the VIN, which can be found on the driver’s side of the dashboard, looking in from the windshield at the lower right corner.  For Toyotas from 1989 to today, you will also find the number to decode a Toyota VIN on the driver’s side doorjamb.  The VIN is also located on your insurance documents and vehicle registration card from the DMV.

Toyota also uses VIN stickers on other places on the car, but these can fall off or fade over the years.   The possible sticker locations to decode a Toyota VIN are:

Other locations where a Toyota VIN may be found depend on the make and year.  For Toyota passenger cars, Land cruisers, and trucks before 1989, the VIN is stamped onto a plate that is mounted on the firewall inside the engine compartment.  On Toyota vans before 1989, the plate is mounted on the body, underneath the carpet underneath the passenger’s seat.

How to Decode a Toyota VIN for Free, Digit-by-Digit?

For Toyota VIN decoding, every digit has an associated value.  The World Manufacturer Identifier is known as the first three digits.  The first reveals the country of manufacturing, and for Toyota, this would be J for Japan or 2 for Canada.  The second digit indicates the manufacturing company, which is T for Toyota.  The third digit shows the vehicle type, such as H / 1 / 8 for passenger vehicle and J / 2 for multi-purpose vehicle.

The fourth digit is associated with the drive type and body type for Toyota VIN decoding.  The fifth through eight digits are, respectively, the engine code, series, restraint system, and model.

To decode a Toyota VIN, the “check” digit, which is the ninth digit, is imperative.  This is a secret number only known to the manufacturer and law enforcement, and the mathematical value is used to confirm the authenticity of a VIN.

The tenth digit is the year, while the eleventh digit is the manufacturing plant, respectively.

The final six digits comprise a serial number unique only to that specific Toyota, which shows the order it came off the assembly line that year.

Using a Free VIN Decoder to Find a Toyota’s History

With VINCheckPro, all of the manual work of Toyota VIN decoding is eliminated.  Simply type in the 17-digit number, and will perform a free VIN check, providing you with all of the facts about your car that was once only found in tedious source books.

Even as important – if not more – is the history report VINCheckPro will also conduct on your vehicle, scanning more than 40 million government records, insurance records, and title records.  The free VIN number lookup report can tell you about your car’s history in areas such as:

Employing to decode a VIN number provides you with a bigger picture of your Toyota – looking beyond the manufacturing facts and into the historical reality – before you purchase the pre-owned vehicle.