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Love is What Makes a Free Subaru VIN Decoder Worth Decoding

Subaru Free VIN Decoding Since the 360 Debut Model

If their slogan, “Love.  It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru,” holds true, then certainly love is what makes a Subaru VIN decoder, a Subaru VIN decoder too.  Starting as an airplane parts manufacturer in Japan, Subaru would evolve to build innovative cars.  The very first Subaru VIN decoding would occur in 1968, when the first model, the Subaru 360, reached the American shore.  The tiny 360 was aptly named for its 356 cc engine, with 25 horsepower, weighing in just below 1000 pounds.  It enjoyed 66.3 mpg!   At a time a Hershey bar was 5 cents, the 360 was $1297.

If you are lucky enough to find a Subaru 360, the VIN would be located underneath the hood, below the spare tire, upon a thin aluminum plate that is adhered to the firewall.  It is also stamped directly on the frame in the front trunk.   Keep in mind this VIN would look very different and shorter than the ones we have today, which are 17-digits, standardized in 1981 under the Vehicle Identification Number system federally mandated.

Finding the Subaru VIN Today

The standard 17-digit Subaru VIN can be found in the following locations, depending on the model and year:

·       On the driver’s side of the dashboard, in the lower corner where it meets the windshield and is visible from the outside of the vehicle

What Can You Learn from a Free Subaru VIN Decoder?

Every position in a 17-digit Subaru VIN decoding has significance.  The World Manufacturer Identifier is comprised of a combination of the first three positions.  The first position is the country code for manufacturing, which for Subaru, could be a J for Japan.  The second position is the manufacturer, and in the case of decoding a Subaru VIN, you would be looking for S.  The third position is the vehicle type.  As an example, if the first three positions show 4S4, this would be a Subaru-Isuzu factory multi-purpose vehicle, like the 2005 Outback.

The fourth position is the line type, such as B for Legacy, S for Forester, or G for Impreza.  Then in the fifth position, the body of the car is revealed, such as a sedan or wagon.  In position six, the engine type is indicated, such as 2 for 2.0L turbo 4 cyl or 8 for a 3.0L 6 cyl.   Position 7 will tell you the model type and trim.  The eight position is the type of restraint system used, such as 5 for manual seat belts with front dual airbags.

The ninth position is home to the “check” digit, which is used to identify any fraudulent VINs.  Only the manufacturer and law enforcement know this number, which is actually a mathematical formula that takes into account all of the other numbers in the Subaru VIN.

The tenth position in Subaru VIN decoding shows the model year, while the eleventh position is the vehicle’s assembly plant.

Lastly, the final six digits are a serial number unique to that specific vehicle, indicating its position in the assembly line.  As an example, if the last six positions were 733987, then as we perform Subaru VIN decoding, we would know this would have been the 733,987th Subaru Forrester of the production year to be completed on the assembly plant’s line that year.

Loving Subaru VIN Decoding Online

Thankfully, with VINCheckPro’s Subaru VIN decoder, what was a manual ordeal using source books is now instant and automatic with this free online VIN decoder.  Just input the 17-digit number, and VINCheckPro will conduct a free VIN check to provide you with all the interesting details of the make and model of your car.

Even more fascinating, however, is the history of your potential Subaru.  When you perform a Subaru VIN decoder search through, you can find tremendous volumes about the car’s history, including:

After scanning through 40 million government records and private insurance records, supplies you with an in-depth Subaru VIN engine decoding that can provide invaluable insight into the reality of any pre-owned Subaru you are considering.