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A Tough Road from Guts to Glory

In 1981, the first pickup truck to be stamped with a Ram head was introduced to America, and since then, aficionados have been chasing the mantra of ‘Guts. Glory. Ram.’ as they decode a Ram VIN.  Since 1917, Dodge had been manufacturing trucks, and in fact, in 1933 would use a Ram’s head for a hood ornament to symbolize how tough and rugged their trucks were.  In the 1950s, Dodge would stop using the Ram – until 1981, when then Chrysler CEO and President Lee Iacocca decided to bring back the beast.  Fast forward eight decades later, and the Ram’s head is still an iconic symbol for anyone conducting a Ram VIN decoding.

The introduction of the Ram trucks in 1981 coincided perfectly with the same year in which the Vehicle Identification Number system was federally mandated.  Therefore, every Ram vehicle has a 17-digit standardized VIN number.

Where to Find the Number for Ram VIN Decoding for Free?

A Ram VIN decoding starts with finding the number, which can be located in the following pages on a Ram pickup truck:

Revealing the Guts in a Free Ram VIN Decoding

To decode a Ram VIN, the process begins by associating the right value with each of the 17 digits.   Let us use the example 2016 Ram VIN to illustrate:  1C6RD3CL6GG100989

The first three digits are the World Identifier Number, which will show the manufacturing country, manufacturer, and vehicle type.  In the sample Ram VIN decoding, the first three digits of 1C6 would show that in America, Fiat Chrysler Automotive manufactured the truck.

The fourth digit is associated with the brake system and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) range, as well as the seatbelt and airbag system used.  In the sample VIN, the R shows this truck has hydraulic brakes, with a GVWR of 6001-7000 pounds, and active seatbelts and side airbags for all the rows.

For a Ram VIN decoder, the fifth, sixth, and seventh positions together reveal the brand name, marketing name, cab/body type, drive wheels, drive position, and price series.

The eighth digit shows the engine type by cylinder and liter, and in the case of this sample Ram VIN decoder, it is L – which would be a 6.7-liter, 6 cylinder, diesel turbo engine.

The ninth “check” digit is a secret value that only the manufacturer and law enforcement know.   This would not be released to the public, but is used to authentic a Ram’s VIN.  If this value does not match, a red flag is issued that the VIN may be fraudulent.

The model year is the 10th position, which in the sample VIN is G, which corresponds to 2016.  The assembly plant is for the 11th position, and for Ram, this could mean the Jefferson North Assembly, Belvedere Assembly, Saltillo Assembly, Toledo Supplier Park, Windsor Assembly, Warren Truck Assembly, Toluca Assembly, and Toledo North Assembly.  In the sample number for Ram VIN decoding, the 11th position is a G, which means the truck was manufactured at the Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant.

The final six digits in Ram VIN decoding is a serial number unique for just your truck, based upon the order the truck came off the assembly line that year for the model.

The Glory of Revealing History with a Free VIN Check

Thanks to VINCheckPro’s online VIN decoder, you do not need to manually look through source books and decode the meaning of a 17-digit Ram VIN.  Instead, performs an instant, free VIN number lookup and provides you with all of the data.

Even more critical is the history report provided by VINCheckPro, which scans through databases of more than 40 million government and private records to advise if the Ram has a perfect history or one that is perfectly flawed, with accidents or title problems.