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History of Standardized Free Mitsubishi VIN Decoding

Founded in 1870, Mitsubishi was originally a shipping firm which then expanded into coal mining, shipbuilding, insurance, banking, oil, real estate, and warehousing, as well as the manufacturing of paper, glass, steel, electrical equipment, and aircrafts! It would not be until 1917 that the conglomerate would start manufacturing cars and Mitsubishi VIN decoding would begin.

Mitsubishi’s first automobile was aptly titled the Mitsubishi Model A, a seven-seat sedan completely handmade.  Only 22 were produced, for the expense of a hand-built vehicle was too expensive in contrast to the mass manufacturing competitors were employing. In 1970, Mitsubishi entered into the American market with the Colt, but there is no Mitsubishi VIN decoding with this model because the vehicles were branded under Dodge.

Today Mitsubishi classic cars are collected, even though the brand has a short history of Mitsubishi VIN decoding.  One popular collectable Mitsubishi is the Lancer Evolution 6.5 TME, built during the 1999 – 2001 era, and if you were to decode the Mitsubishi VIN, this would help confirm the authenticity and originality of the classic car. The original VIN should be on the chassis plate, as well as stamped into the driver’s sidewall. These numbers should match and begin with CP9A-020.

To decode a Mitsubishi VIN for more recent models, first locate the number, which can be found in these locations:

Data Revealed through a Free Mitsubishi VIN Decoder

Each digit for Mitsubishi VIN decoding has its own value.  The first three digits together are called the World Manufacturer Identifier, which reveals the country of manufacturing (J for Japan or M for Thailand), the Manufacturer (A for Mitsubishi or L for Mitsubishi Motors Thailand), and the vehicle type (3 for passenger car and 4 for multi-purpose vehicle).

The fourth digit corresponds with the vehicle’s restraint system and location, while the fifth and sixth are the make / car line / series. The seventh digit is the type of car (H for 5-door hatchback, F for 4-door sedan, or A for 5-door wagon), and the eighth is the engine.

The ninth number in a Mitsubishi VIN decoder is the “check” digit, a secret number only the manufacturer and law enforcement know and use to validate the authenticity of a VIN.

The 10th number reveals the model year (H for 2017), and the 11th number is for the assembly plant (H for Laem Chabang, J for Magoya, U for Mizushima, Z for Okazaki).

The last six digits for a Mitsubishi VIN decoder are the plant sequence number, which is a unique serial number that corresponds with the order the car was manufactured on the assembly line in that plant for that year’s model. For example, if the final six digits for Mitsubishi VIN decoding are 012,079, then this car would have been the 12,079th one produced for that year’s model in the plant.

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