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Revealing the Best in a Free Mercedes Benz VIN Decoder

A History of a Free Mercedes Benz VIN Decoding

“The best or nothing” is the slogan for the luxury performance automaker, and Mercedes Benz VIN decoding should be no different. With a free VIN number lookup with VINCheckPro, you can verify the authenticity and history in decoding a Mercedes Benz VIN, ensuring that you’re either buying the best pre-owned Mercedes or nothing.  

The first Mercedes Benz arrived on American shores in 1952, when Max Hoffman pushed to bring the 300SL Gullwing statewide. This iconic vehicle concreted Benz’s identity in America, and since then, the manufacturer has expanded its lines and models, reaching in 2015 the historic highest annual sales volume in America of 343,088 units. 

Prior to the adoption of the standardized 17-digit we know today, a free Mercedes Benz VIN decoder would find 14-digit VINs for the cars manufactured from 1960 – 1983. The value of each digit in Mercedes Benz VIN decoding of this era are represented by the following:

The Mercedes Benz AMG did not have a specific VIN designation until the C36. 

Where to Find the Number to Decode a Mercedes Benz VIN for Free?

The standardized location for locating the VIN is on the driver’s side of the dashboard, on a tag visible from the outside of the windshield. There are several locations where the VIN can be located on a Benz, depending on the year and model. For example, if you have a C class manufactured after 1993, you can find the VIN on the chassis’ offside B post on the driver’s side. It can also be found stamped onto the cross member’s front offside seat, as well as on the engine block upon the rear nearside.

Details Revealed with Each Digit of a Free Mercedes Benz VIN Decoder

Every digit in Mercedes Benz VIN decoding has a value. The World Manufacturer Identifier, which is the first three digits, reveals the manufacturer, country of origin, and division. The fourth through ninth digits are the Vehicle Description Section, which divulges the model, body style, model within the series, safety restrain system, and the check digit, respectively. This ninth “check” digit is critical to verifying the authenticity of the VIN you’re researching. 

The tenth through seventeenth digits are the Vehicle Identifier Section, which is specific to that particular vehicle.  The tenth digit is for the model year, while the eleventh represents the assembly plant, which is particularly helpful is there has been a recall from a particular production line.   

Lastly, the final six digits are the unique serial number for that particular car, representing the order in which it was manufactured off the assembly plant in that year.

Using a Free VIN Decoder Search to Instantly Reveal History

An online VIN decoder streamlines the entire process, allowing you to instantly decode a Mercedes Benz VIN without using source books and manually looking up each digit. Simply enter the 17-digits into VINCheckPro, and instantly, a lifetime of invaluable information about your car is revealed. 

When you decode a Mercedes Benz VIN with VINCheckPro, we automatically search through more than 40 million government and private service records to find the car’s true history. will provide you with a report with all of the findings, whether there were accidents, flood damage, theft, or structural damage. You will also be provided with previous usage history and livery usage. The comprehensive report covers a gamut of potential history, such as recalls and over 60 vehicle problem categories. 

Thanks to VINCheckPro, online VIN decoding is easier than ever before in history – and highly recommended for any one considering purchasing a used Benz.