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Driving Matters in a Free Mazda VIN Decoding and the Car’s Real History

The RX-2 Breaks in a Free Mazda VIN Decoding

An innovative company that pioneered the rotary engine, Mazda has accelerated from its slogan of “Zoom Zoom” to “Driving Matters” in 2016. Founded in 1920, Mazda would transition from machine tool manufacturing to its first vehicle, which was the Mazda-Go autorickshaw. Yet it was not until 1970 until the cars came to America and the first set of Mazda VIN decoding would begin. In the first year of sales in America, Mazda VIN decoding would be very streamlined, considering there was only one model: the RX-2. By the next year, Mazda would bring five models to the American market and continue to expand as the years progressed. 

Although different than the 17-digit standardized VIN we know today, we can still decode a Mazda VIN from the very first year the brand arrived on American shores. All RX-2s have a chassis number, which begins with S122A.  

There are several locations where the numbers are located, depending on the year and make. For example, for all Mazda B series vehicles from 1972 – 1993, the VIN can be found: 

Digit-by-Digit Decoding a Mazda VIN for Free

In Mazda VIN decoding, every digit has a unique value that provides identifying information about that particular vehicle. The first three digits are collectively known as the World Manufacturer Identifier, which correspond with the manufacturing country (J for Japan), brand (M for Mazda), and vehicle type, such as JMZ. 

Both the drive and body types are represented in the fourth digit, while the fifth digit is the engine code, the sixth is the series, the seventh the restraint system, and the eight the model. 

When you decode a Mazda VIN, the ninth digit, known as the “check” digit, is indispensable. A number known only to Mazda and law enforcement, this “secret” mathematical value is utilized to authenticate a VIN. 

The year of manufacturing is contained in the tenth digit, and the manufacturing plant is shown in the eleventh.

Finally, the last six digits are the serial number assigned specifically to that Mazda, a number that corresponds to the order it was manufactured that year on the assembly line.

An Online VIN Decoder Finds a Mazda’s History with Zoom

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Just as pertinent – if not more – will research the history of car through more than 40 million government records, title records, and insurance records. With this free VIN number lookup report, you can analyze a car’s condition beyond the shiny wax and clean interior. The vehicle history report that comes with a VIN decoder lookup at VINCheckPro can show if your Mazda has:

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