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How a Free Lexus VIN Decoding Aids in the Pursuit of Perfection

A Perfect Start to a Free Lexus VIN Decoding

Lexus, whose motto is the “passionate pursuit of perfect,” was founded in 1989 on the premise of luxury and performance.  From the very first Lexus released, which was the LS in 1989, Lexus VIN decoding has been standardized with the 17-digit VIN federally mandated by the Vehicle Identification Number system implemented in America in 1981.

A Lexus VIN decoder begins with locating the VIN on the car, with the standard location being on the driver’s side of the windshield, in front of the right corner of the dashboard.  On all Lexus cars from 1989 to the present, there is a label with the VIN inside the driver’s doorjamb.  You can also find the VIN on the car’s title, registration paperwork, and insurance cards.

There are other stamped and embedded locations for a Lexus VIN, depending on the model and year.  For example, upon the chassis of the Lexus RX, the VIN is stamped on a metal plate that is close to the inner-wing and held in place by two silver rivets.   It is also found on the cross member of the chassis, directly below the driver’s seat and underneath a black plastic casing.  On the engine, the VIN can also be found stamped upon on the front of the engine block, next to the bell housing.

As a division of Toyota, Lexus also places stickers with the VIN on many other locations on the vehicle, but these may fall off over time.   The other possible locations for the purposes of decoding a Lexus VIN would be:

How to Decode a Lexus VIN Digit-by-Digit for Free

In Lexus VIN decoding, every digit is associated with a specific meaning.  The first three digits are considered the World Manufacturer Identifier.  The first digit reveals the manufacturing country, and in the case of Lexus, this would be J for Japan or 2 for Canada.  The second digit is the manufacturer, which is T for Lexus.  The vehicle type is shown in the third digit, with H or 1 or 8 being for passenger vehicle and J or 2 for MPV.

The fourth digit reveals the body and drive type in Lexus VIN decoding, which would, for example, be B for a 4-door sedan with 2WD or F for a 2-door convertible with 2 WD.  There are other codes for the varying combinations of body type and drive type.  The engine code is contained in the fifth digit, while the sixth digit is the series, the seventh the restraint system, and the eighth the model.

When you decode a Lexus VIN, the ninth digit is considered the “check” digit, which is a number kept secret by the manufacturer.  This number is only known to Lexus and law enforcement and utilized to validate if a VIN is authentic or if it has been made fraudulent.

The tenth and eleventh digits are the model year and manufacturing plant, respectively.  The last six digits are a serial number exclusively only to that particular Lexus, indicating the order in which it came off the assembly plant for the model in that production year.

Using a Free VIN Decoder to Unveil a Lexus’ History

Thanks to, you no longer need to utilize source books to perform Lexus VIN decoding.  After typing in the 17-digit number, VINCheckPro will automatically run a free VIN check and return all of the pertinent information for the vehicle.

In addition to its functionality as a Lexus VIN decoder, will also perform a history analysis for that vehicle, scanning through more than 40 million government and private records.  The free VIN number lookup report can return results including:

Using to decode a VIN number returns more than just manufacturing facts, but gives you a realistic glimpse into the history of that vehicle, allowing you to make a fully informed decision about purchasing a used Lexus.