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Originally established in Korea in 1944 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts and steel tubing, Kia would sell its first vehicle in the United States in 1994, establishing the brand for its reliability and value.  From the very first car sold in America, Kia VIN decoding would use the standardized 17-digits, since it was long after the 1981 federal mandate of the Vehicle Identification Number system.

Where is the Number for Decoding a Kia VIN Located?

A Kia free VIN decoder process begins with locating the number on the vehicle.  The standard location is on the driver’s side of the dashboard, as seen from the windshield, on the very right corner.  Depending on the model and year, there are several other locations where a Kia VIN could be found. On the offside of the bulkhead, the Kia VIN is stamped onto a metal data plate secured by two black rivets.  In addition, on the chassis, the VIN is stamped onto the bulkhead right in the center.  The VIN could also be located on the very top center of the engine block.

What Information Does a Free Kia VIN Decoder Reveal?

Each number of the 17-digits reveals specific information when you decode a Kia VIN.  The first digit is the manufacturing country, which will be a K for Korea.  The second digit shows the manufacturer, and in Kia’s case, this is represented with an N.  The vehicle type is represented in the third digit, identifying if it is a passenger car or SUV.  In the fourth digit, the model is revealed, such as D for Rio, F for Spectra or Rondo, G for Optima, and M for Sedona.  The series is shown in the fifth digit, such as whether it is a front-wheel drive, front engine, 4x4, or 4x2.

The body type is associated with the sixth and seventh digits, such as 12 for a sedan four-door, 16 for hatchback four-door, 52 for wagon, 13 for short wheelbase four-door van, 23 for a long wheelbase four-door van.  If the vehicle is a truck, the sixth digit will be a 7, followed by the weight classification in the seventh digit.  The engine type is contained in the eighth digit, indicating the cylinder and liter type, as well as air bags.

The ninth digit, called a “check” digit, is a secret number utilized by the manufacturer and law enforcement when conducting a Kia VIN decoding.  Since this number is not released to the public, law enforcement is able to utilize this number to verify if the VIN is authentic or falsified.

The 10th number will reveal the model year, and the 11th is the location of the assembly plant, whether in Korea, Georgia or Slovakia for Kia.

Finally, the last six numbers are the unique serial number for that car, associated with the order it came off the assembly line.

More than Just Model Details: Free Kia VIN Decoding for Car History

Thankfully, the entire Kia VIN decoding process is made easy and instant with free VIN number check with VINCheckPro.  With an online VIN decoder search, simply enter in the 17-digit number, and will automatically generate all of the data pertaining to your specific vehicle.

Even more importantly, a free VIN check will unlock the secret histories of a vehicle, showing you whether the car has been in accidents, totaled, flooded, or stolen.  The history report generated through VINCheckPro’s access to 40 million records can also show accident history, structural damage, commercial or police use, estimated odometer mileage, and other important factors.  With all of this information right at your fingertips with an instant VIN decoder search, you can make a sage, well-informed decision about any pre-owned Kia you are considering purchasing.