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A Historical Trail in a Free Jeep VIN Decoding

Originally a military vehicle, Jeep began producing civilian cars in 1945 and continues to be renowned today for its rugged nature for trailblazing.  Beginning in 1962, Jeep VIN decoding comes into play, as the manufacturer stamped the 12-digit number onto plates mounted upon the front pillar of the driver’s door.  In this early version for a Jeep VIN decoder, the first two digits were the chassis code, followed by the body style in the third and fourth digits.  The fifth digit represented the GVW weight, while the sixth and seventh digits were the drive and engine codes.  The final five digits comprised the serial number based upon the sequential order it was produced.

Between 1972 and 1980, the VIN was expanded to 13 digits, with the values changing for each of the digits.  During this span, the first digit was the make, the second the year manufactured, while the third digit showed the plant, transmission, and drive code.  The fourth and fifth digits represented the series, while the sixth was the body style, the seventh was the GVW type, and finally the eighth was the engine type.  The ninth through thirteenth digits were the unique serial number for that particular vehicle, again based upon the sequential order.

Facts Revealed in a Free Jeep VIN Decoder

In 1981, Jeep changed their VIN to be standardized 17-digits we know today, thanks to the Vehicle Identification Numbering system that was implemented federally in the United States.  Like Jeep VIN decoding in the past, today’s numbering system also assigns a value for each digit.  The first, second, and third digits are called the World Manufacturer Identifier, which reveals the country of assembly, manufacturer, and division, respectively.  The fourth digit is the gross vehicle weight rating, the fifth is the car line, the sixth is the series, the seventh is the body, and the eighth is the engine type.

The “check” digit is the ninth one, and this is a method utilized by law enforcement and the manufacturer to protect against VIN fraud.  Government agencies are able to validate the authenticity of the VIN provided using the check digit, since this formula is only available to the manufacturer and law enforcement.  The public does not know what the check digit is.

When you decode a Jeep VIN’s tenth digit, this will express the manufacturing year of the model, while the eleventh digit is the plant where the vehicle was produced.

Lastly, the final six digits in Jeep VIN decoding comprise the SUV’s unique serial number, based upon the order in which the vehicle was produced in that model’s assembly line that year.

The Value of a Free VIN Number Lookup Online for Jeeps

What once was only available through source books is now made instant and easy thanks to an online VIN decoder.  No longer do you need to flip through source books manually to decode a Jeep VIN.  Instead, simply enter in the 17-digit VIN into the free VIN check tool provided by VINCheckPro, and all of the results of the instantly decoded Jeep VIN will be provided to you.

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