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Using a Free Infiniti VIN Decoder to Verify an Authentic VIN

History of Standardized Free Infiniti VIN Decoding

Founded in 1989 under Nissan, Infiniti’s luxury cars were launched with VINs already standardized under the Vehicle Identification Number system established in America in 1981.  All the VINs for every Infiniti produced since their founding will have the standard 17-digits.

To being an Infiniti VIN decoding, you need to locate the number, which is found on the driver’s side of the windshield, directly above the dashboard corner.  It is also located on the driver’s side doorjamb, at the pillar near the hinge.  Depending on the model, it may be stamped on the left side of the engine block, as well as on the chassis itself, underneath the passenger’s door.

What Information is Contained in a Free Infiniti VIN Decoder?

Every digit in an Infiniti VIN decoding has its own significance.  The World Manufacturer Identifier is contained in the first three digits, showing the production country or final assembly point, the manufacturer, and the division.  In the next four digits, the vehicle’s model, type of body, transmission, safety and restraint system, and engine type are identified.

The ninth number for an Infiniti VIN decoder is a “check” digit, which law enforcement utilizes to verify if a VIN is authentic or falsified.

The 10th number in an Infiniti VIN identifies the model and the 11th number is associated with the assembly plant for that particular vehicle.

The last six digits in an Infiniti VIN decoder are a unique serial number only reserved for that vehicle.  This number is determined by the order in which the car came off the assembly line in that particular plant for that model in that production year.  If the last six digits in Infiniti VIN decoding are 199079, then this car would have been the 199,079th one produced of that model in that year in that assembly plant.

Invaluable Information from Online Infiniti VIN Decoding

With the advent of online Infiniti VIN decoding, no longer do you need to manually reference source books to validate and verify a VIN.  Instead, easily enter the 17-digit number into the search field, VINCheckPro will automatically run the free VIN check and provide you with all of the values, such as country of origin, manufacturing brand, make and model, year produced, assembly plant, and the types of transmission, engines, restraint and safety systems.

When you have all of this information from your VIN decoder search, you can compare it with the vehicle’s reality and ascertain if you have an authentic or fraudulent VIN.  If the details from the free VIN number check do not match up with the vehicle, be warned the VIN you were provided could be fraudulent.

However, having conduct your Infiniti VIN decoder search not only provides you with identifiers for your vehicle, but can unveil tremendously invaluable information about the history of the car.  After scanning 40 million different records, from the federal, state and local government levels, as well as private insurance records and title records, will generate a history report that can show:

Decoding an Infiniti VIN through provides invaluable data about your vehicle and its history.  While a vehicle may look like a perfect fruit to the eye, a VIN decoder check can unveil hidden histories that would make the car a lemon.  The free VIN check report generated from VINCheckPro will help you make a smart and informed decision about the perfect pre-owned Infiniti for you.