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Founded in 1947, Hyundai began as an engineering and construction company before becoming an automobile manufacturer in 1967, living up to their philosophy, New Thinking, New Possibilities.  It would not be until 1986 that Hyundai’s cars would come to America, which standardizes all Hyundai VIN decoding, since it was five years earlier in 1981 that the federal government mandated the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number system across all manufacturers.

Where to Locate the Number to Decode a Hyundai VIN for Free?

The Hyundai VIN decoder process starts with finding the vehicle on the automobile.  You can begin by looking into the car from the windshield, where it meets the dashboard on the driver’s side.  There in the lower corner, you’ll find a small, long plate with the VIN.  Depending on the model and year, you can also find the number for Hyundai VIN decoding in the following locations:

What Data Does a Hyundai Free VIN Decoder Provide?

Every part in a 17-digit Hyundai VIN decoding has an assigned value.  The World Manufacturer Identifier is represented by the first three digits, which respectively show the geographic zone of production, the manufacturer, and vehicle type, such as passenger car or truck.

The drive type or model line is indicated in the fourth digit, such as T for Veloster or A for Xcent.  In the fifth and sixth digits, the trim level and body type are shown, such as A for a 5-door hatchback, G for a 2-door coupe, or E for a 2-door sedan.

The seventh digit is associated with the restraint system, such as 1 for an active 3-point restraint system, 4 for dual airbags with manual belts, or 6 for advanced airbags.  In the eighth digit, the engine type is represented, such as G for a 1495 cc SOHC 4 cylinder Accent, or V for a 2493 cc DOHC 4 cylinder Sonata.

The ninth digit, known in the industry as the “check” digit, can either be a number from 0 – 9 or the letter X.  The actual value of this digit is kept secret, known only to the manufacturer and law enforcement for the purposes of verifying the authenticity of a VIN.

The model year is in the tenth digit position, with A starting at 2010 and progressing consecutively, reaching K for 2019.  The eleventh digit is associated with the manufacturing plant code, which is specifically which factory the car was made.  A would stand for the plant in Asan, Korea, while H is for the American plant in Montgomery, Alabama.

Lastly, the final six numbers are the serial number given uniquely to only that specific vehicle.  This number shows the order in which the car was manufactured on the assembly line in that particular factory for that model year.

Beyond Specifications: Online Hyundai VIN Decoding to See The Car’s History

Thanks to the free VIN check provided by VINCheckPro, you can instantly perform a Hyundai VIN decoding.  Even more, will automatically scan through its database of more than 40 million government and private records to decode a VIN number and provide you with its history.   This invaluable free VIN number lookup report can advise if there are accidents, thefts, salvaged titles, maintenance issues, and more in the life of the pre-owned Hyundai you are considering buying.