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A Professional Grade History in GMC VIN Decoding

A division of GM, GMC is known for its rugged trucks that are, as the slogan proudly asserts, “professional grade.”  From early in the brand’s history, serial numbers were assigned to their trucks, dating GMC VIN decoding back to the 1930s.  In the early days, the serial was stamped onto the ID plate, and each letter indicated the series, wheelbase, and unique chassis number.  Then in 1951, the chassis serial number switched to all numbers before using a combination of numbers and a letter beginning in 1954.  In this early rendition of the precursor to today’s standardized GMC VIN decoder, the first letter would reveal the year; the second letter would be cab type, while the third and fourth digits would indicate the series.  The fifth digit would show the wheelbase, while the sixth through twelfth digits were the unique serial number based upon the order the truck was produced on the assembly line.

There were several locations where the VINs have historically been located on GMCs, depending on the year and the model:

The Locations for Today’s GMC VIN Decoder

In 1981, when the Vehicle Identification Number system was standardized by federal mandate in the United States, GMC too switched over to the 17-digits we continue to utilize today.   Modern GMC VIN decoding begins with locating the number, which could be in the following common locations:

Other locations where a GMC VIN could be located, depending upon the model and year, include:

Important Facts Revealed When You Decode a GMC VIN for Free

When you decode a GMC VIN, each number represents a specific value.  The first three digits are the World Identifier Number, indicating the country of origin, manufacturer name, and vehicle type.  The model is revealed in the fourth digit, while the fifth digit tells of the series, such as front-wheel drive.

In the sixth digit, you will find the body type, and in GMC VIN decoding, this will indicate a truck, followed by the weight classification of the truck in the seventh digit.  The eighth digit shows the engine type by cylinder and liter, as well as the type of airbags used.

The “check” digit is the ninth digit, a secret number assigned and known only by the manufacturing company and law enforcement.  This is not known to the public, but is used internally to validate an authentic VIN.  If this number does not match, then a warning is raised that the VIN was falsified.

The model year is shown in the 10th digit, while the assembly plant is found in the 11th digit.   The last six digits in GMC VIN decoding will provide you with the unique serial number for the truck.  This is based upon the order in which the truck was manufactured on the assembly line for the model year in that plant.

Beyond Model Details: Free VIN Check with a History for GMCs

Instead of manually using source books to identify the information outlined above, VINCheckPro’s online VIN decoder can do all of the work for you, automatically and instantly.  Simply type in the 17-digit number, and you will receive a report with all of the pertinent manufacturing data for your vehicle.

Even more valuable is the history report that will provide to you with a free VIN check.  Using its database of more than 40 million government, private insurance, and title records, will generate a history report that will advise if the GMC you are considering has a clean or problematic past, including accidents, thefts, salvage and totaled titles.