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Mining Valuable Data from a Free Dodge VIN Decoder

The History of Free Dodge VIN Decoders

A division of Chrysler, Dodge VIN decoding begins in the 1920s and evolves into the 17-digit standard we know today.  As a precursor to the VIN, Dodge utilized a model code, an engine code, and a serial number.  The model code was located on the passenger door’s front pillar post or on the steering column’s cowl on the engine side.  The engine code was below the cylinder head, on the front left of the engine block.  And the serial number was stamped upon a plate that was on the front pillar post of either the driver or passenger’s door, as well as near the instrument panel.

In 1981, the standardized Vehicle Identification Number system was introduced by federal mandate, and Dodge VINs followed suit.  In addition to the standard location on the driver’s side of the windshield, above the left side of the dashboard and in the doorjambs, there are other possible locations where you may find the VIN on a Dodge.  This includes the radiator support bracket, underneath the carpet on the passenger’s side, as well as above the frame on the driver’s side.

How Do You Perform a Free Dodge VIN Decoding?

To decode a Dodge VIN for free, each digit is associated with a specific meaning.  The first three digits are called the World Manufacturer Identifier, which is respectively comprised of the country of origin or final point of assembly, manufacturer, and division.  The fourth through eighth digits show the model, vehicle’s body type, transmission, restraint and safety system, and engine type.

The ninth digit is known as a “check” digit that is utilized to identify any VINs that may be fraudulent.   The Dodge VIN decoder for the tenth digit shows the year of the model, while the assembly plant is identified in the 11th digit.

The final six digits in a Dodge VIN decoding are unique specifically to that vehicle.  This is the number of the car in the production line.  Therefore, if the final six digits were 170079, this would be the 170,079th vehicle to have been produced on the assembly line in that particular Dodge manufacturing plant.

Valuable Data from an Online Dodge VIN Decoder

What once was only discerned through source books can now be easily analyzed with an online VIN decoder. takes the manual hassle out of Dodge VIN decoding and automatically runs a free VIN check on your behalf when you input the 17-digit number.  Instantly, you will have all of the identifying information for the Dodge vehicle you are considering, including:

You can take the information and perform a VIN number check, verifying the data from the report with the reality of the vehicle.   If there were any discrepancies between the report and the vehicle itself, this would be a red flag for VIN fraud.

A VIN decoder search through also provides invaluable data regarding a car’s history, such as:

When you decode a Dodge VIN, it can provide you with tremendous information otherwise unknown to the naked eye.  Although a vehicle may look sparkling on the outside, its history may be marked with warning signs – or worse, the VIN provided to you is fraudulent, and the story of the car is worse than you could have imagined.  VINCheckPro helps you discern the reality and truth of a used Dodge you are considering by researching through 40 million private insurance and government records.  The report generated from this free VIN check can help you choose the absolute best Dodge for you.