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How to Use a free Chrysler VIN Decoder to Unlock History?

Free Chrysler VIN Decoding throughout History

A Chrysler VIN decoder today can illuminate invaluable information about a vehicle, ranging from accident history to any totaled or salvaged titles.  Today’s standardized VIN is 17-digits, but the road to Chrysler VIN decoding was long and winding.   Between the years 1926 to 1930, Chrysler followed the FEDCO system of both letters and numbers.  From 1931 through 1954, Chrysler switched to codes consisting of all numbers, but it wasn’t until 1955 that Chrysler VIN decoding would unveil more information.  For example, the first number corresponded with the make, the second and third digits were the year of manufacturing, and the final digits were sequential build numbers.  From 1955 to 1981, the Chrysler VIN decoding system would continue to improve with more identifiers, including taxi, police, and fleet use.

What Information is Unveiled through a free Chrysler VIN Decoder?

In 1981, when all VINs became standardized federally, Chrysler VIN decoding would provide much more information.  To decode a VIN number, you begin by corresponding each digit with its code:

  1. 1st digit: Country of origin or final assembly point
  1. 2nd digit: Brand family under Chrysler
  1. 3rd digit: Type of Car
  1. 4th digit: Safety System
  1. 5th digit: Line of Car
  2. 6th digit: Series
  3. 7th digit: Type of body
  4. 8th digit: Type of engine
  5. 9th digit: Check digit
  6. 10th digit: Model year
  7. 11th digit: Manufacturing plant
  8. 12th – 17th digits: Serial number

What Critical Information Comes in a fee Chrysler VIN Decoder?

Thankfully with VINCheckPro’s online VIN decoder, you no longer need to tediously utilize source books to identify the code associated with each digit.  Instead, simply input the 17-digits you want to perform a VIN decoder lookup on, and will instantly provide you with all of the identifying information for the vehicle as outlined above.  You can utilize this information to verify that the VIN provided is indeed correct; if the VIN has been tampered with, then the data will not match up correctly with our report.

In addition, VINCheckPro’s free VIN check will provide you with invaluable information about a car’s history that will help you make the best decision in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.  After scanning through more than 40 million records – which include private insurance and title records, as well as local, state, and federal government records – will generate a free VIN number lookup report with the following data:  

Run a Chrysler VIN decoder today through to verify the legitimacy of the VIN, as well as unveil the comprehensive history of any pre-owned Chrysler you are considering buying.