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History of Cadillac VIN Decoding

A Cadillac VIN decoder today reveals much about the vehicle, and the luxury brand Cadillac began instituting vehicle serial numbers in the 1960s.  These originally began with nine digits, with the first two identifying the production year, the third digit revealing the code for the model, and the last six serving as the production numbers.  In the first years of the precursors to Cadillac VIN decoding, the location of these serial numbers were stamped upon the top frame, close to the radiator’s support.  They were also found on the left side of the engine block, in the midst of the welch plugs.   By 1975, the serial numbers were found behind the intake manifold on the engine block pad, as well as on the left side of the dashboard, akin to where it is located today.

It was not until 1981 that Vehicle Identification Number system was standardized, and today Cadillac VIN decoding utilizes a 17-digit number.  This VIN is now found on the driver’s side, on a plate above the steering wheel, and it is easily seen when looking into the windshield from the outside of the vehicle.  You can also locate the VIN on the doorjamb in the driver’s side, as well as the engine bay’s firewall.

Decode a Cadillac VIN Manually

The first three digits in Cadillac VIN decoding are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier.  The first digit expresses the manufacturing country or the final country of assembly.  If a car is manufactured in the United States, for example, the VIN will begin with a 1, 4 or 5.

The second digit reveals the manufacturer, and since Cadillac is manufactured by General Motors, the second identifier will be a G.  The third digit will show the manufacturing division or the type of vehicle in question.  For Cadillac, the first three digits will be 1G6.

The fourth and fifth digits together reveal the model of the vehicle.  For example, a Cadillac CTS will be identified as DA.

The eighth digit is the engine type of the vehicle, the tenth digit is the model year, the eleventh digit reveals the assembly plant, while digits twelve through seventeen is the specific car’s serial number. 

Using an Online Cadillac VIN Decoder

Thanks to the development of technology, Cadillac VIN decoding is made much easier through an online VIN decoder.  No longer do you need to use source books, but you simply can enter in the 17-digit number into VINCheckPro, which will automatically run a free VIN check.  You will instantly have the following information from digital Cadillac VIN decoding: 

Not only will it instantly reveal the make, model, year, and other identifiers, but a VIN number check through VINCheckPro will also provide you with a wealth of information about the specific car’s history, including:

A Cadillac VIN decoding can reveal tremendous information about the car you are considering purchasing. scans through more than 40 million records, including federal, state, and local government records, as well as title records and insurance data, to generate a report that will reveal much about a pre-owned car’s history.  You can also verify that the VIN of the automobile is genuine by matching the information from the report to the reality of the vehicle.  If there are any discrepancies, you are alerted to the possibility of a falsified VIN that is covering up the real history of the vehicle.