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A Long History of Buick VIN Decoding

A storied American brand, Buick has withstood the test of time on the road, with a long history of Buick VIN decoding to boot.  Although much different than the standardized 17-digit VIN we utilize today, Buick began assigning frame and serial numbers in 1904, stamping these numbers onto the frame itself or a tag attached to the frame.  From 1914 through 1925, the numbers would be stamped upon plates attached to the chassis.  Then from 1926 through 1935, the numbers were located underneath the front fender before switching over to the side rails on the top of the right frame through 1940, while from 1941 – 1948, the numbers were attached to the firewall’s upper right side.

After 1949, the serial number was stamped on a plate that was consistently placed on the driver’s door pillar, as well as various locations depending upon the year and model.  In addition to the chassis number, Buick would also assign and stamp an engine number for each vehicle since 1904.

Buick VIN decoders for the 1950s and 1960s only needed to analyze seven numbers, which identified the series number, year, assembly plant, and sequential production number.  By 1965, the VIN extended from six to 13 digits, which persisted until 1981 when the Vehicle Identification Number system was standardized at 17-digits.

Where Are Buick VIN Decoding Numbers Located Today?

Today decoding a Buick VIN begins with locating the number, which will be found in front of the dashboard, seen from the windshield on the driver’s side at the corner.  Underneath the hood, the VIN can be located on top of the front fenders, as well as possibly inside of the trunk.  There should also be a sticker inside the driver’s side doorjamb on either the front or rear post.

What Information is Contained in a free Buick Engine VIN Decoder?

A VIN number check reveals much information with each digit, which is assigned a value.  The first three digits are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier, which respectively symbolizes the final point of assembly or country of origin, the manufacturer’s name, and the manufacturing division.  In the fourth through eighth digits, the type of car body, engine, transmission, and restraint and safety systems are shown.

When you arrive to the ninth digit, this is the “check” number, which is utilized to identify whether or not the VIN is authentic or fraudulent.  To decode a Buick VIN’s tenth digit will show you the year the car was manufactured, and the 11th digit corresponds with the assembly plant.

Finally, the last six digits in a VIN number check are assigned uniquely to only that specific car, acting as a serial number.

Invaluable Information from an Online VIN Decoder for Buicks

Thanks to the development of an online free VIN decoder, you no longer need to use source books to manually discover information about any particular vehicle.  With, using a Buick engine VIN decoder is as easy as typing in the 17-digit number.

Beyond Buick VIN decoding, will provide you with a history report for the vehicle that can illuminate important parts of its history.  After scanning through 40 million government and private records, VINCheckPro generates a report that can include:

Decode a Buick VIN with a free VIN Check with VINCheckPro, and the information you will receive will help you make a smart decision for any pre-owned Buick you are considering.