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Free BMV VIN Decoding Since the 1920s

A renowned German luxury brand, BMW VIN decoding can date back to the 1920s, although the format was different than the standardized 17-digits we know today.   Nonetheless, a free BMW VIN from the 1920s can still reveal to you the original color of exterior paint, interior trim, date of assembly, and all of the options assembled at the manufacturing facility.  Through the decades, the development of the precursor of BMW VINs, known as the chassis number, was instituted uniformly across their models, with exception to the E3 platform sedans like the Bavaria.

Where is the BMW VIN Located?

Before the standardization of VINs in 1981, the chassis and engine numbers for a BMV could be located in several places.  For example, on the BMW 2002 Tii from the 1970s, the chassis number could be found:  stamped upon the chassis plate below the bonnet, which is above the inner mudguard; stamped upon the inner fender of the RHS, directly behind the hood lock bar and at the top rear surface; stamped upon the steering column’s metal plate; on the engine block.  The engine number would be located on the engine block as well, directly above the mount of the starter motor.  When the engine and chassis numbers match, then you know both are originals. 

In 1981, the Vehicle Identification Number was standardized across all manufacturers, and BMW switched over to the VIN system as well.  Today, for BMV VIN decoding for vehicles manufactured after the late 1990s, the number can be found on the driver’s side of the windshield, just above the right of the dashboard.   BMWs manufactured before this period may or may not have a VIN visible through the windshield, but instead it can be found on a tag that’s located above the steering column. 

The BMW free VIN decoder information can also be found underneath the hood, on either the left or right strut tower, as well as behind the rear license plate, as well as on the driver’s side doorjamb.

Information from a Manual BMW VIN Decoder

In today’s 17-digit BMW VIN, the significance of each digit has been standardized.  The World Manufacturer Identifier is contained within the first three digits, and this identifies the manufacturing country or final point of assembly, manufacturer, and the division, respectively.  The next four digits are associated with the BMW model, body type, restraint and safety systems, engine types, and transmission. 

The ninth digit, called the “check” digit, is in place to identify any fraudulent VINs for law enforcement purposes.  The tenth digit of the BMW VIN decoding is associated with the model year, and the eleventh digit is the code of the specific assembly plant of that vehicle. 

Finally, the last six digits are a unique serial number for that particular vehicle and correspond to its placement in the entire production line.  For example, if the last six digits were 710987, then this vehicle would have been the 710,987th BMW of that model to come off that plant’s assembly line in that year.

Making BMW VIN Decoding Easy Online

Thankfully, with the online free BMW VIN decoder available through, what once was a tedious process with manual source books is made incredibly easy.  Simply enter in the 17-digit number, and the free VIN check will automatically pull forth the identifiers for your vehicle, including:

This data can be utilized to perform a free VIN number check for authenticity, matching the data generated from the report with the actuality of the vehicle.  If you find any differences between the report and the vehicle you are considering, this is a warning sign that the VIN you were provided might be fraudulent.

In addition to verifying authenticity, conducting an BMW VIN decoder search through VINCheckPro can also reveal significant information about a car’s history, including:

With more than 40 million government and private records, VINCheckPro provides you with a comprehensive BMW VIN engine decoding that gives you valuable insight into the reality and history of the vehicle you are considering.