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Free Acura VIN Decoding: Standardized from the Start

Founded in 1986 as a division of Honda, Acura came onto the automotive scene after the 1981 Vehicle Identification Number standardization system was implemented.  The very first Acuras produced already had the 17-digit standardized number, making free Acura VIN decoding easy from the start.

The VIN on an Acura is located in front of the dashboard, as seen from the driver’s side of the windshield.  It can also be found on the driver’s doorjamb with the manufacturing date, as well as all the doors, the trunk lid, front fenders, rear quarter panels, firewall underneath the right wiper, and hood.  The VIN is also found on the lip underneath the front and rear bumpers.  On the engine block, the Acura VIN can be found right above the oil pan, on the front of the motor close to the air conditioning compressor, just behind the header.

Since Acura vehicles are so well labeled, it makes validating VINs a much easier task.   As part of your free VIN decoder process, match the VIN across all the locations on the vehicle.  If, for example, the engine’s VIN does not match, then you know the engine could have been replaced.  Or if there is no VIN on the trunk, then this raises a flag.  The trunk lid could have been replaced because the car was in an accident.

What Does a Free Acura VIN Decoder Reveal?

A manual free Acura VIN decoder matches up each of the 17-digits with a corresponding value.  The first three digits, which are the World manufacturer Identifier, reveal the country where the Acura was manufactured, who manufactured it, and the division, respectively.  The specific Acura model, body type, transmission, safety and restrain system, and engine are indicated in the fourth through eight digits of the Acura VIN decoding.

The ninth digit is a safeguard number, meaning it is a “check” digit that identifies any possibly fraudulent VINs.  The tenth and eleventh digit reveal, respectively, the year and assembly plant for the Acura VIN decoding.

The last six digits are the Acura’s unique serial number, which is based upon its order in production.   For example, if the last six digits were 710091, this would be the 710,091th car to come off the assembly line for that model in that assembly facility.

Or, if the final six digits are 000001, this would be the very first vehicle of the year to come off the assembly line for that model.  In a charity auction, the very first 2017 Acura NSX to be produced, indeed ending with the VIN 000001, sold for $1.2 million, with all of the funds donated to Camp Southern Ground and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Using an Online Acura VIN Decoder

Thankfully, with a free VIN check with, Acura VIN decoding becomes as easy as entering in the 17-digit number.  Instead of looking through source books, you simply plug in the VIN, and VINCheckPro instantly generates a report with the following data:

Then VINCheckPro will perform a search through more than 40 million records as part of your free VIN number lookup.  After scanning through private insurance and title records, as well as federal, state, and local government records, VINCheckPro will provide you with a vehicle history report, which reveals:

By performing an Acura VIN decoding through VINCheckPro, you can verify the legitimacy of a VIN, as well as have a better picture of the reality and history of any pre-owned Acura you are considering.