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Facts Discovered in a Utah License Plate Lookup

When you are buying a used vehicle, so many factors come into consideration, from pricing and safety to accident history and ownership details. A Utah license plate lookup is an imperative step to ensure you are choosing a reliable vehicle. Pulling records from the Utah DMV, insurance companies, repair shops, and more, Utah license plate history provides you with invaluable facts that must be considered before buying any vehicle.

Use a License Plate Search to Identify Theft Issues

A Utah VIN search will help you avoid buying stolen vehicles. Considering a car is stolen every 45 seconds in America, a thorough license plate search is wise indeed. After all, buying a stolen car means you will soon part with your car – and money as well.

What Do Utah Service Records Reveal? 

Many owners neglect routine servicing of their vehicles. Yet as a buyer, purchasing a poorly maintained car will become an expensive burden down the road. A Utah VIN check report will give you insight into its regular maintenance history, such as oil changes, brake inspection, tune-ups, battery replacements and more. In addition, you can review if the car passed its tests and inspections, such as smog, to determine if it is indeed road ready.   

Protect Yourself from Odometer Crimes with Utah License Plate Records

Some untrustworthy sellers will manipulate the odometer reading to reflect lesser mileage. The manipulation may become a costly burden to the buyer, who not only overpaid for the car but now has to shoulder increased repair bills. A Utah license plate lookup will provide a vehicle history report with actual mileage readings of the car at different points, such as inspections, servicing, or registration. Make sure the odometer reading on the car is similar to the report; if the odometer is much less than the report, be on alert for fraudulent odometer rollback.     

View Ownership History with a VIN Number Check

Buying a vehicle with an extensive ownership and trade-in history is not advisable. Such a vehicle becomes a liability to the buyer; there is a reason the vehicle continues to switch hands and owners. Utah license plate history will reveal the number and type of previous owners (whether they were individuals, businesses using the vehicle for livery, or law enforcement).

Make sure there are no liens on the car.  If there is a lien, this means the bank technically owns the car, and it cannot be transferred to you legally until the entire loan is paid in full. You want to confirm the seller is the current owner and that the title is clean and legal, ready for transfer of ownership to you. 

Are There Any Recalls? Or is it a Lemon?

It is illegal for new car dealers in all the states of US to sell vehicles with open recalls and repair issues. However, second-hand buyers are not protected by this regulation. A vehicle history report should list any known recalls and repairs needed for the car in question.    

How to Conduct a Free Utah License Plate Lookup?

VINCheckPro’s database of 40 million government, private, and insurance records is the perfect place to begin your free VIN check. However, you do not need to comb through the documents and call different agencies. Instead, simply type in the license plate or VIN. will search through Utah license plate records to create a comprehensive vehicle history report that will help you make the best buying decision. Start your Utah VIN search today!