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Prevent 4 Costly Mistakes With Texas License Plate Lookup Services

When you are on a tight budget but still need to purchase a car, a used car is a smart choice. However, buying a pre-owned car does come with its fair share of challenges – which you can overcome with a Texas VIN search and vehicle history report. Texas license plate lookup details can reveal much invaluable information about a car before purchasing it.

Perform a free license plate search to ensure the pre-owned car you’re considering doesn’t have major issues, such as fatal accidents, recalls, lemon history, or other serious problems for you down the road.   

Don’t Be Fooled: Verify Legality with Texas License Plate Records   

First and foremost, a free VIN check will return ownership information to you about the car in question. Does the car legally belong to the seller? Or has it been stolen? Are there still liens on the vehicle?  

What about the currently title status? Is the car legally on the road? How many accidents has the car been in? Has it been totalled and then repaired? Is it a salvage or junk title? Texas license plate vehicle details answer all these questions and more. 

Avoid Poorly Maintained Vehicles by Analysing Texas Service Records

If you’re interested in purchasing a used vehicle, you want to be aware of its true history and maintenance record. A vehicle history report can identify when and where the prior services were conducted, as well as if the car passed state inspections and tests.  

If the records are spotty, you may want to consider another vehicle with proven maintenance.  Or on the other hand, if the records are excessive, look further into the details to ensure you don’t have a lemon on your hands. 

Verify VIN Authenticity

A VIN check will confirm if the car does have an authentic vehicle identification number or if it has a fraudulent VIN. If there are discrepancies between the VIN listed on the vehicle history report and the one the seller has provided you, take heed. This is a huge warning sign of a fraudulent VIN, which will be hiding much deeper and darker secrets about the car’s past.

Protect Yourself from Odometer Rollback Fraud

A license plate lookup in Texas will provide you with a vehicle history report that includes an accurate estimate for the odometer mileage reading. These are readings taken at different points over the car’s life, such as maintenance, inspections, and registration. Compare the number on the report with what you see on the car. If the odometer is much lower, then be on alert for odometer fraud. 

Here are other ways to ensure you have not fallen victim to odometer fraud and rollback:

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The details unveiled in a vehicle history report from will help you understand the true condition of the car and its fair market valuation. Simply enter the license plate or number, and run a free VIN search through our database of more than 40 million government and insurance records. When you have Texas license plate history in your hands, you can avoid costly mistakes, instead choosing the perfect pre-owned vehicle for you and your family.