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6 Reasons to Perform a Tennessee License Plate Search

Like all states in America, car owners in Tennessee are required by law to register their vehicles. A Tennessee license plate search is designed to pull together all of the records for the vehicle, giving you an accurate picture of the car’s past and present. 

A License Plate Search Can Identify if the Car Was Stolen

With one car stolen in America every 45 seconds, it’s imperative to ensure yours isn’t hot off the street. Since many car thieves sell the stolen cars back to the public by manipulating the VIN or title documents, it is essential to perform a Tennessee license plate lookup. Has the car been reported stolen or missing? Are there discrepancies in the VIN? The details you will review in the vehicle history report will either verify the seller’s claims – or stake red warning flags. 

Tennessee Service Records Prevent Odometer Manipulation

Unscrupulous used car sellers or dealers manipulate odometer readings in a bid to sell used vehicles at higher price. Odometer fraud leads to suspicious service records, costly repair and maintenance bills, and incorrect car value projections. Obtaining a Tennessee license plate history will give you an accurate odometer reading, as recorded by service records and inspections, as well as the times the car has been registered or sold.     

Choose a Car with a Suitable Fuel Economy Rating

A Tennessee VIN search provides details about the fuel consumption of the vehicle. You can use these prudent details to compare different cars, especially when you find yourself in a choice dilemma. Choose a vehicle that you can maintain comfortably without worrying about fuel consumption.

Ascertain the Car’s True Market Value with Tennessee License Plate Information

Selling a used car at a higher price than the actual value of the car is common with unscrupulous car dealers. To avoid falling into such a trap, review the Tennessee vehicle history report and how much it values the vehicle based upon all of the information it has analyzed. The report will highlight the current value of the desired car based on the car’s records. 

In addition, Tennessee service records should be pulled up with the license plate search. Look for a good track record of service. Preventative maintenance makes a world of difference in performance and valuation. 

Is the Car Associated with any Liens and Loans? What about Ownership? 

Before buying a pre-owned vehicle, it is necessary to ascertain that the car actually belongs to the seller in question. A license plate search in Tennessee can reveal current ownership details, as well as how many owners there were in the past. 

Keep in mind that certain used cars are associated with liens and loans, with previous owners using them as collateral for loans. A lien may require you to make a transfer of the loan details to your title, or you may need to provide adequate proof that the loan in question has been fully paid.  

Ensure the car you are willing to buy will be financially and legally yours upon paying a car seller. You do not want to buy a car that belongs to the bank, and a Tennessee license plate lookup will help verify if a title is indeed clear, legal, and ready for transfer.  

Tennessee License Plate Lookup: Where to Start? 

So much invaluable information is available through a license plate search, which is similar in results to a VIN number check. Run a free VIN search today with, and from our access to more than 40 million government and insurance records, we will provide you with a Tennessee vehicle history report that will help you make a smart decision on your next used car.