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5 Purposes in Performing a South Carolina License Plate Search

Many people purchase second-hand vehicles as smart financial decisions, but before you hand the funds over to the seller, make sure you’ve performed a South Carolina license plate lookup.   What is the purpose? There are many purposes! Since there is rarely any guarantee with a pre-owned vehicle, even with warranty transfers, you want to ensure the vehicle history report is clean and clear – yet so much could be awry with a used car. Without looking at South Carolina license plate records, you could fall victim to purchasing a car that has a salvage title, flooding title, junking title, or totaled title after being in a major accident.  

Thankfully, with a free VIN search, you can view a fuller picture of a pre-owned vehicle you are considering. It’s imperative to choose a vehicle that has a clean and clear title with the South Carolina DMV, and we’ve highlighted five more important purposes of a vehicle history report. 

Accessing South Carolina License Plate Records

A well-maintained car is more valuable and durable than the one that has been poorly serviced. South Carolina service records can help you identify a vehicle that has been well cared for, saving you money in the long run. Run a VIN search or license plate search with, and we will search through service records to return any available service information, including brake repairs and replacements, fluid changes, inspection test results, and more.   

Choosing a Car with Good Fuel Economy Ratings

A South Carolina license plate lookup will provide you with the fuel use rating for the vehicle.  Perhaps this particular year has a lower fuel rating than you expected for a Prius. Or if you’re on the fence between two pre-owned options, significant gas savings in one model will help make the decision easier. 

South Carolina License Plate Records Verify VIN Authenticity 

Thieves across the nation use VIN cloning to lift over 70,000 vehicles yearly. They steal cars, swipe a VIN of a similar car, and create a new VIN plate for the stolen car. Many unsuspecting consumers have been defrauded, especially if they are not using license plate lookup services.

When you run a free license plate search with VINCheckPro, your South Carolina vehicle history report will include the VIN. Match this VIN from the report with what is on the car to ensure an authentic match. IF there are discrepancies, this is a red flag of possible VIN cloning.   

Avoid Buying Cars with Extensive Ownership and Trade-In History

A car that has been sold to many people is likely to have multiple problems. Don’t be the next buyer in line to sell the lemon again. Carrying out a VIN search provides you with a snapshot of owner history. Is it really a one-owner car? Or has it been sold many times in just the last two years, from auction to dealer to consumer to auction again? A South Carolina vehicle history report with VINCheckPro will provide you with helpful information for any car you are considering. 

Avoid Becoming Odometer Crime Victims

Some deceitful sellers manipulate the odometer reading of the vehicle to defraud unwitting buyers. A manipulated odometer has costly effects, including expensive repairs and inaccurate value estimation. A South Carolina vehicle history report reflects actual information on the mileage at the time of service and inspection, protecting buyers from defrauders.

When you compare the figure from South Carolina service records with the odometer reading on the car, they should be very similar. If there is a large discrepancy, especially if the seller’s mileage is much less, this is a major warning sign of odometer rollback.  

A free VIN search with will scan through more than 40 million government, private, and insurance records to provide you with a South Carolina vehicle history report. Simply enter in the VIN or license plate and VINCheckPro will complete the free license plate lookup for you immediately.