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What Useful Information is in a Rhode Island License Plate Search?

Many people prefer buying second-hand cars than new, but pre-owned vehicles may come with undesirable features – like a history of accidents, recalls, structural damage, or theft. A license plate search in Rhode Island will provide you with a vehicle history report that helps you see past the newly waxed paint and into the reality of the car. A thorough Rhode Island VIN search might be the difference between getting a lemon or a gem.

License plate lookup services in Rhode Island will provide you with invaluable information about the vehicle and its history. Critical information found in a Rhode Island license plate search can include: 

Who Is The Legitimate Owner Of The Car?

In the United States, there are over 700,000 cases of stolen cars yearly. The thieves steal the cars and then swap the VIN numbers with new ones before selling the vehicles back to the public. If you do not run a free VIN search or a license plate search pulling from the Rhode Island DMV, you could become a victim of VIN cloning. The Rhode Island license plate search will help you verify if the vehicle is among the stolen ones.

Can a Rhode Island License Plate Lookup Identify Odometer Fraud? 

A license plate search in Rhode Island can provide you with accurately estimated mileage information. Although odometer fraud is illegal in America, it is still prevalent in the used car market amongst unscrupulous sellers. A license plate lookup will identify manipulated odometers and help you avoid buying a maliciously overpriced vehicle. Simply compare the estimated odometer reading in the Rhode Island vehicle history report with what the seller is purporting; if there is a big discrepancy, this is a red flag warning. 

How Many People Have Previously Owned The Car?

No one’s ideal purchase is a car that has been changing owners frequently. A car with a long trade-in history may mean that the car is in a critically poor condition. A quick and free VIN check will provide ownership history. How many owners have there been?  Is the current owner the seller?  Did an individual, company, or law enforcement division own the car?

Has The Vehicle Been Involved In Major Accidents?

Acquiring a vehicle that has previously been involved in major accidents is very risky. Simple observation cannot easily detect serious damages, including structural ones and engine problems.

In addition, buying a car with unresolved insurance issues may land you in serious coverage problems and decrease the resale value of your vehicle. A Rhode Island license plate lookup will give you a vehicle history report with accidents, detailed reports, and any repairs.

Verifying Authenticity with a VIN Number Check

When you run a Rhode Island license plate look up, check the VIN on the vehicle history report to ensure it matches what has been provided to you by the seller. If the VINs are different, stay away from the car in question, which has a fraudulent VIN in order to hide the real history of the car you are considering. It could be totaled, salvaged, flooded, or junked.    

There are other considerations of fraud that can be identified with a Rhode Island vehicle history report, including title washing and airbag fraud.  

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