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7 Critical Facts on a North Dakota Vehicle History Report

Used cars make it possible for many individuals to own a dream car otherwise not affordable new. Checking the car’s North Dakota vehicle history report is an invaluable part of choosing the right vehicle. Purchasing pre-owned cars is as beneficial as it is risky, since you may end up buying a “lemon” or a car that does not offer value for your money. By undertaking a free VIN check on the preferred car and accessing its North Dakota license plate history from the DMV, you gain access to the entire history of car in consideration.

What Facts are in a North Dakota Vehicle History Report?

  1. Odometer Mileage in North Dakota License Plate Records - Some fraudulent car sellers commit odometer fraud, manipulating or “rolling back” the reading on the vehicle.  This act raises many red flags, including questionable service records, false car value projections and high repair bills for the future owner. For these reasons, you should obtain a vehicle history report through performing a North Dakota VIN search. The North Dakota license plate vehicle details should give an accurate estimate for the current odometer reading, based upon the last date the car was sold, the mileage at the time, and the mileage reading taken during  inspections.  
  2. Ownership History – Obtaining a North Dakota vehicle history report helps you to unravel details about its ownership history. Hence, you can learn details about its past owners and the current title holder. Is it really a one-owner car? Or has it been transferred amongst many owners very recently? North Dakota license plate information should also reveal any rental car use, salvage title issues, abandoned title details, among many other facts.
  3. Fraud Flags with a Free VIN Search– Detecting fraud is quite difficult, especially when buying a used car from experienced sellers. You may not know what to look for or the details that help you spot fraudulent practices. Examples of used car fraud include VIN swapping and cloning, title washing, odometer fraud, airbag fraud, “lemons”, and insurance fraud. Nonetheless, North Dakota License plate history can help to pinpoint such inconsistencies, comparing what you read on the report with what the seller is purporting. 
  4. Accident Claims in North Dakota License Plate History – When buying a pre-owned car, you risk buying one that has a history of car accidents. For this reason, a North Dakota vehicle history report is invaluable, especially in learning about the number of accidents the car has been involved in and the magnitude of damage. You can also obtain other relevant details like the date a particular claim was made and the type of the claim it was. Finding out such North Dakota license plate history is important, as claims reduce a car’s value and affect its insurance coverage – along with its possible safety. 
  5. Theft Information – Before making any purchase agreement for a pre-owned vehicle, it is critical that you identify that the car actually belongs to the seller. Finding out a car’s North Dakota license plate history will help you avoid buying a stolen vehicle. 
  6. Fuel Economy Rating – A comprehensive North Dakota VIN lookup can help you save even more money by giving details on the vehicle’s fuel economy rating. As a result, you can use the details to compare different rates in an attempt of finding the car that complements your budget.
  7. Recall History – Recalls have the potential to affect the value of cars. The US experienced the largest recalls in 2014 when 63.9 million cars in a single year were recalled. The increased number of cars on the road translates to an increased risk of mechanical failures and recalls. A vehicle history report will give you details on such cases.

Conducting a VIN number check with will give you access to an invaluable North Dakota vehicle history report. Armed with this data, you can make an informed decision, especially before buying a used vehicle.