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5 Invaluable Facts from a New Mexico Vehicle License Plate Search

When you are planning to purchase a car in the southwestern state, a license plate search in New Mexico will provide you with invaluable information to help you make the right decision. If you want to purchase a used vehicle, VINCheckPro’s free license plate lookup will assist you. The New Mexico vehicle history report will also prevent you from buying a car that looks good on the outside, but had a myriad of issues, perhaps with its title, ownership, or accident history.

One of the most important facts revealed in New Mexico license plate history is the status of the vehicle's title. Mainly, you want to ensure the car has a clean title, which means it has not been involved in major accidents, totaled, salvaged or recalled by the manufacturer. 

Title Issues From a New Mexico Vehicle History Report

When you are analyzing the car's history report, if the vehicle has any title problems, the results may come back as:

Identify the Legitimate Owner with New Mexico License Plate Information

A New Mexico license plate lookup can reveal the ownership history of the car. Does the New Mexico vehicle history report show the seller as the rightful owner? Or has the vehicle been stolen? It’s important to ensure that you are buying the pre-owned vehicle from the registered owner.

Are There Liens in the New Mexico License Plate Records? 

If the vehicle is collateral for a loan, the New Mexico License plate records will reveal this fact. Make sure the loans are all paid off before purchasing a used car; this will ensure the car will rightfully be yours. 

Has the Odometer Been Rolled Back?

Odometer rollback can be a nightmare waiting for buyers. If you purchase a vehicle without performing a license plate lookup, you are left vulnerable to this form of fraud. The New Mexico vehicle history report will give an accurate reading for the odometer mileage. If there are any discrepancies discovered between this reading and what the seller claims, this is a red flag for odometer roll back.

Did the Car Pass Vehicle Inspection?

When you perform a license plate search in New Mexico, you can see whether the car passed the most recent vehicle inspection, enabling you to know if there are any major issues outlined and how the car runs.

How to Conduct a Free License Plate Search In New Mexico?

Thanks to, the vigorous process of purchasing a vehicle has been simplified. You can either perform a free license plate search or a free VIN check. A car seller can also perform a VIN number check to share the vehicle history report with the prospective buyer. VINCheckPro will go through more than 40 million government and insurance records to deliver a New Mexico vehicle history report that will help you make the right decision.