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How to Evaluate a New Jersey License Plate Report

Car buyers must be especially vigilant in analyzing New Jersey license plate history, considering the damage of Sandy continues to plague the state with the aftermath of used cars flooding the market. Nearly 250,000 vehicles were submerged in saltwater flooding, yet an investigation has revealed that the pile up of the submerged cars has been “mysteriously” disappearing from Sandy’s damage and making their way to the used-car market across the state.

Unscrupulous car dealers and website auctions have resorted to selling these vehicles that numerous insurance companies have labeled as total junk.  

The damage from the flood vehicles can be easily concealed, thereby leaving unsuspecting buyers susceptible to the shortfalls of the car. How can you ensure you are not purchasing a flood vehicle? Simple! Use VINCheckPro to conduct a free license plate search and evaluate the results of the New Jersey license plate records. 

When you are reviewing the New Jersey vehicle history report, there are several points to evaluate if the vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

New Jersey VIN Search for Safety and Security  

During the process of a New Jersey license plate search, VINCheckPro will generate a vehicle history report that reveals if any safety measures are in question, such as: 

•    Previous airbags deployment

•    Structural damage

•    Flood checks

•    Accident history  

•    Recall or lemon history

•    Theft history

•    Service records

Is the Title Clear and Legal in New Jersey License Plate Records? 

A license plate lookup in New Jersey will clearly define the title of the car. The title should be clean and valid. The report will indicate whether any issues during ownership resulted in the title being totaled, salvaged, rebuilt or junk. 

Reveal Odometer Felonies with the New Jersey Service Records

Tampering with a vehicle's mileage is considered a felony in the state of New Jersey. Using New Jersey service records, you can compare the estimates given for the odometer against what the buyer is asserting. If there are discrepancies, this is a warning sign the odometer has been altered. Verifying the odometer reading with the results on a New Jersey vehicle history report can protect you from paying too much for a road-weary car.

Confirming Ownership Through A New Jersey History Report

A New Jersey license plate lookup will reveal whether the vehicle is registered with its legal owner or if it has been stolen. No one wants to own a stolen vehicle!

How Well Was the Vehicle Maintained in New Jersey Plate History? 

Is the car you want to buy a 'lemon' or a well-maintained vehicle? A lemon has been repaired in the same place more than five times and has not been serviced for 20 consecutive days. The defects from lack of maintenance should impair utility, safety, and value of the car.

While performing a license plate search, these discrepancies are highlighted in the New Jersey vehicle history report. In case a purchase was made, the New Jersey lemon law gives compensation for the defective vehicle if the manufacturer or the dealer is not able to repair the malfunction.

Conducting a license plate search has been made easy by using, whose data comes from more than 40 million records through insurance companies and government databases. The license plate search is as easy entering the letters and numbers of the license plate into VINCheckPro and waiting for the results of your free VIN license plate lookup. With a New Jersey vehicle history report on your fingertips, you’ll be equipped to buy the right car for you and your family.