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4 Key Reasons to Perform a New Hampshire Vehicle License Plate Search

When you are looking to buy a pre-owned car in New Hampshire, a license plate search is a top list priority. New Hampshire service records reveal the true history and condition of the car you are considering. With a New Hampshire vehicle history report, you’ll be taking the right steps in choosing a roadworthy vehicle that will not compromise on your safety. Here are four important keys from a free license plate search that will unlock the reality of the used car.  

Confirm Ownership and Title in New Hampshire License Plate History

Is the title valid? Is it stolen? License plate records from the New Hampshire DMV should ideally show that the title is clean. It should show whether the vehicle title clean and clear – or if it is totaled, salvage, rebuilt, junked, or flood damaged. New Hampshire license plate records will also show ownership details, indicating the number of owners the vehicle had. This also allows you to confirm the seller is the current owner and can indeed legally transfer ownership to you. 

Red Flag Checklist: The New Hampshire Vehicle History Report

When you perform a New Hampshire license plate lookup with the aid of VINCheckPro, you will be equipped with a vehicle history report that will indicate if there are any safety red flags such as: 

This New Hampshire vehicle history report from reveals the reality of the used vehicle you want to buy. Did the car suffer structural damage from an accident? Was it declared salvaged? Was it originally a lemon? 

Nebraska license plate history should also show data from the last vehicle inspection and any issues.   

New Hampshire Service Records Shed Light on Odometer Tampering

A New Hampshire license plate lookup will give you an odometer reading, allowing you to determine if there might be any odometer fraud in question. If the odometer of the vehicle being sold is lower than what the New Hampshire service records indicate, then you are witnessing an odometer rollback. Odometer tampering is a felony in New Hampshire and misleads the buyer into paying more for a vehicle. 

Verify VIN Accuracy with a New Hampshire License Plate Lookup 

The VIN (Vehicle Identity Number) for the vehicle will be part of the New Hampshire vehicle history report. Compare to determine if the VIN from the report corresponds to what is given for the vehicle.  If they are not alike, this shows the VIN is not authentic. The reasons for hiding a real VIN are never good for the buyer. 

Keep in mind that when you run a license plate search, instead of a VIN search, you may be given multiple records for that plate number. The owner may have used the plate on different vehicles, and in this scenario, you simply need to choose the make and model corresponding to the one you are considering. 

From the 40 million government and private insurance records database, VINCheckPro’s free license plate lookup can reveal invaluable information about the pre-owned vehicle you want to purchase in New Hampshire. The steps are as simple as entering the license plate numbers, and VINCheckPro will do the rest of the hard work, generating a New Hampshire vehicle history report to help you make a wise decision.