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3 Invaluable Car Facts Found in a Nevada License Plate Lookup

Conducting a vehicle license plate search in Nevada is a crucial step to take, especially before purchasing a used vehicle in the state. With a Nevada vehicle history report in hand, you have invaluable information, from ownership details and accident history to records of any applicable liens on the vehicle’s title. A free license plate lookup can protect you from the purchase of a vehicle that has too a spotty history, questionable ownership, title issues, and mechanical problems. 

What Can You Learn about a Vehicle from a License Plate Lookup?

One of the imperative pieces of information revealed through a license plate search in Nevada is the condition of a vehicle's title. This shows whether the automobile has been involved in any major accidents, if the odometer has been clocked back, or if the manufacturer has recalled it due to any mechanical or safety issues. Other problems that can be highlighted through a free vehicle license lookup are:

•    Is the vehicle legally registered with the Nevada DMV? Are there any title issues?  

•    What is the current ownership - as well as a comprehensive ownership history - of the automobile? This can help one avoid purchasing a stolen vehicle.

•    Has the car passed the most recent statutory vehicle inspections? This will give you good indication of how well (or how badly!) the car runs.

Verifying Odometer Accuracy with Nevada Service Records

A vehicle's mileage is a critical consideration when buying a pre-used car, but has the odometer in question been tampered with? When you perform a free license plate lookup, Nevada's DMV vehicle service records will return an accurate odometer estimate. Compare the number indicated in the DMV records and what the seller is showing on the odometer; if the numbers are drastically different, this is an indication of odometer rollback. 

What about a Vehicle's Lien and License Records?  VIN Search to the Rescue! 

Many pre-owned cars have been used as collateral for a loan, which can be bad news for buyers when there is still a lien on the vehicle. If the car has not been paid off fully, then it cannot be legally transferred to the new owner. Conducting a Nevada license plate search will reveal any existing liens on the vehicle, assuring a buyer that they'll own the car free and clear after the purchase is made.

Conducting a Free License Plate Lookup in Nevada    

Nevada’s DMV records are not released to any third party, except for the police and authorized agencies and companies. Easily conduct a vehicle license plate lookup in Nevada through, who has a database of more than 40 million government, private and insurance records. Simply input either the VIN or the state and the license plate number. VINCheckPro will then search through over 40 million government and insurance records. All public records are then delivered instantly to you. VINCheckPro’s Nevada license plate lookup services equip you with invaluable information that will help you make the right decisions when purchasing a pre-owned car.