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5 Important Reasons To Conduct A License Plate Search In Nebraska

When you consider buying a pre-owned vehicle in Nebraska, it would be wise to perform a license plate search, which will provide a wealth of information to reveal the current conditions of the vehicle. Nebraska license plate records will reveal if the vehicle is fit for purchasing. Whether you are moving to Nebraska or buying a car in the state, you have a deadline of 30 days to register the vehicle and get a valid license plate. 

License Plate Search in Nebraska: What Does the Vehicle History Report Reveal? 

When using license plate lookup services in Nebraska, a wealth of information is revealed in the vehicle history report, including: 

Are There Any Liens in its Nebraska License Plate Records? 

If the Nebraska vehicle history report shows liens on the car, this means the vehicle is collateral for a loan. When planning to buy a pre-owned vehicle, conducting a license plate search can ensure the car is free of any liens that may lead to the repossession in case the loan is not paid. You want to ensure the title is clear and legal with the Nebraska DMV. This gives you assurance that once you pay for the car, it belongs to you – and not the seller’s bank.

Verify Legitimacy with a Free VIN Lookup 

If you perform Nebraska license plate lookup, the results will include the vehicle identification number (VIN). When purchasing a car, it is imperative to compare the VIN in the vehicle history report to the details the owner provided. If the numbers do not match, this is a clear indication of possible VIN fraud. The vehicle is probably stolen, and one should refrain from purchasing the car.

Is Odometer Rollback Fraud Real?  How Nebraska Service Records Help?

Unfortunately, odometer rollback is not uncommon in the used car market, but with a license plate search in Nebraska, you can avoid being a victim of this crime. If the mileage on the car seems too good to be true for the age, it just might be. When you run a Nebraska VIN search, the vehicle history report will return service records and estimates on the current odometer reading. If what the seller is claiming is significantly lower than what is found in Nebraska service records, then this is a red flag the odometer was tampered.

Choosing a Good Fuel Economy and Ratings with a Nebraska VIN Search

When you perform a license plate search, the results should also provide you with the fuel economy of the vehicle, its environmental and safety ratings, and if there were any recalls on the car. In a one-stop vehicle history report, all the information you need to make a well rounded decision for the used car in question is in your hands.

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