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Finding the Right Used Car with a Montana Vehicle History Report

Buying a car can be a tough decision, but shopping for a used car is much easier when you have a Montana vehicle history report in your hands. This report makes it much easier to narrow down your used car options, helping you find the perfect used car to fit your wants and needs. The information in a Montana vehicle history report can also help you avoid buying the wrong car, such as one that needs expensive repairs or has title problems.

What Will You Learn from a Montana Vehicle History Report?

When you run a free license plate search or VIN search, you’ll receive many documents and records that make up that car’s Montana vehicle history report. Among these documents and records will be things like insurance reports, DMV records, title information, and more. Some common things found in a Montana vehicle history report include:

Evidence of past accidents

It’s not uncommon to find accident reports in a Montana vehicle history report. While minor accidents such as fender benders aren’t a big deal; they cause minimal damage that can be easily repaired. But more major accidents can be tough to repair. Even after maintenance is done, there can still be lasting damage. Read any accident report that you find from a free license plate search or VIN search, and use them to decide whether the car could have unseen problems.

Title Issues

There are many title issues that you could come across while looking through a Montana vehicle history report. For instance, if a vehicle has been severely damaged and an insurance agency determined that it was totaled, a junked title could be issued. A severely damaged vehicle that required extensive repairs and modifications can be issued a rebuilt title. Other title issues include liens placed on the car. This means that an owner used the car as collateral for a loan, and haven’t paid back the loan yet.


Recalls are common in the automobile industry. They can be issued for all kinds of problems. If any have been issued for the vehicle that you’re considering, they will show up when you run a free VIN lookup. If the recalls weren’t major, didn’t cause safety concerns, and were repaired, you won’t need to worry much about them. But major recalls can be dangerous. If the owner didn’t have them fixed, and a buyer purchased the car without knowing about them, it could lead to serious accidents. If you find an unfixed, major recall in your Montana vehicle history report, think twice before purchasing that vehicle.

Maintenance Records

One of the best things that you can find in a Montana vehicle history report is a record of routine maintenance. This means that the owner had the tired properly rotated, the oil changed on a regular basis, and other routine repairs made. This also means that if the car had any major problems or flaws, they would have been caught before they became even more serious. A great maintenance record can also help keep a car’s fuel efficiency high, and keep a car running smoothly for many, many years.

How to Get Your Own Montana Vehicle History Report?

If you’re thinking about buying a used car, it’s a good idea to get your own Montana vehicle history report. All you need to do is run a free license plate search and free VIN search through They’ll do the work for you, delivering the documents that make up a Montana vehicle history report straight to your computer. All you’ll have to do is enter a car’s VIN number or a license plate number and the state that the vehicle is registered in.