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3 Unexpected Things You Might Find in a Missouri Vehicle History Report

When you run a Missouri license plate search or free VIN search, you’ll receive many kinds of documents in the Show Me State. These could include DMV records on who has owned the car and where it has been registered, insurance information about past accidents, and more. All this information is part of the car’s Missouri vehicle history report.

What Do You Need a Missouri Vehicle History Report?

You might be wondering why you even need a Missouri vehicle history report. After all, if you are buying a used car, you could simply look up its value on Kelley Blue Book. Or, if you’re selling a used car, you might assume that you already know everything about it. Both assumptions are wrong. Kelley Blue Book uses only general information to determine a vehicle’s worth. It doesn’t take into account specific details that can change a car’s value. For instance, if a car is older, but has had routine maintenance, it’s value could be higher than book value. On the other hand, a newer car that has had several accidents could be worth less. It’s wrong for a seller to assume that just because they have owned the car even for several years, that they know everything about it. Unless you were the car’s first owner, there may be past accidents, recalls, and other important information that you don’t know. Before you try to sell the vehicle, you should run a free license plate search and a free VIN search, that way you’ll know exactly how much your car is worth.

What Kinds of Unexpected Things Might a Missouri Vehicle History Report Reveal?

What you find in a Missouri vehicle history report may surprise you. You’ll find all kinds of records and documents related to that vehicle. This includes service records, title information, accident reports and more. Among these items, you might even find several unexpected details.

1.     You might discover that the vehicle is stolen

When combing through the information from a license plate search or VIN check, you might discover that the name on the vehicle’s title doesn’t match the name that the seller told you. There could be an explanation, but this could also mean that the vehicle is stolen.

2.     You could find out that the car has been issued a flood title

When a car sits in water deep enough to reach the engine compartment, it may be issued a flood title. That’s because water can cause severe damage to the engine and other parts of the vehicle, which can still be an issue even after repairs are made. If you find this in a Missouri vehicle history report, you’ll want to start looking for a different used car to purchase.

3.     The Missouri vehicle history report could reveal odometer fraud

Odometer fraud is almost impossible to detect without running a license plate check or VIN check. With either of these, you’ll get access to the vehicle’s service records, which should include the mileage the car had when it was last serviced. If this number is lower than the actual odometer reading, or if it seems lower than it should be based on this number, you could be dealing with odometer fraud.

How Do You Get a Missouri Vehicle History Report?

If you’re a buyer or seller looking for more information about a used car, get your Missouri vehicle history report by running a free license plate check and free VIN check from This fast, comprehensive service combs through more than 40 million records to deliver you the results you need to get informed before you buy or sell a used car.