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How Smart Buyers Use a Free License Plate Search to Buy a Mississippi Used Car

How do you decide whether a particular used car is the right choice for you? The answer is simple: you run a free license plate check in Mississippi. A license plate check helps you learn about a vehicle’s history, as well as Department of Public Safety records, title records, and insurance information. This information can help you figure out what a car is worth, whether it is likely to need repairs, and other details that can help you decide if the car is a good fit for your needs.

What Will You Learn From a Free License Plate Search?

When you run a free license plate check, a search service combs through countless government and insurance databases, looking for records linked to the vehicle’s license plate number and the state that it is registered in. This search will give you access to many different kinds of documents and records. You might get a stack of insurance reports from accidents that the vehicle has been involved in. You could find maintenance records, both for routine maintenance like oil changes or tire rotations, and for maintenance for major damage the car sustained. You’ll also get access to important information about the vehicle’s title.

Why Do You Need to Run a Free License Plate Check?

If you don’t run a free license plate check, you might as well be buying a used car sight-unseen. That’s because the information that you’ll get from a license plate search isn’t something that you can see on the outside. When you run a search, you’ll get access to many kinds of documents, including insurance information, title records, and more.

How Can You Use the Information from a License Plate Check?

With all the information that a free license plate search will reveal, it can be tough to figure out how to use it all. But smart used car buyers know that while you should read it all to look for problems, there are only a few details you’ll need to help you decide whether that used car is the right choice for you.

1.     Use Accident Reports To Decide if a Car is Safe, or if it is a Good Value

You’ll need to carefully look through any accident reports and insurance information that a free license plate search reveals. If any major accidents have been reported, especially any during which airbags deployed, the damage may be severe and may continue to cause problems even after repairs are made. If you still wish to purchase that vehicle, you can use the accident reports to negotiate for a better price.

2.     Use Title Information to Detect Potential Thefts

A free license plate check will tell you whose name is registered to that license plate. If the name on the plate doesn’t match the name of the person selling the car, you could be dealing with a stolen vehicle. A free VIN check will also tell you whose name is on the title. This name should match the name of the seller, as well as the name registered to the license plate.

How to Run a Free License Plate Search?

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be rocket science. With a quick and comprehensive free license plate search from, you’ll instantly have access to a number of documents and records related to that vehicle. Like all smart used car buyers, you can then use this information to decide whether that used car is the right one for you, identify any potential safety concerns or future repairs, and negotiate for a better price from the seller.