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Why Run a Free VIN Search When Buying a Used Car in Michigan?

Used cars can be tricky. Whether you are buying or selling in Michigan, a free VIN search can help. Even if a vehicle has had multiple owners, a VIN search will reveal past maintenance records, accident reports and more. Buyers and sellers can use this information to determine the value of a vehicle, figure out if it may need repairs, and learn important title information.

How Can a Buyer Use a Free VIN Search?

There are plenty of reasons why a buyer might want to run a free VIN check. From accident reports to DMV records and more, a license plate check can reveal tons of important information about a vehicle. A buyer can use the Michigan vehicle history report that a VIN lookup will reveal to make a smart choice on their used car purchase. While looking through the records and documents to determine whether a used car is right for you, pay attention to these details:

How Can a Seller Use a Free VIN Search?

While Kelley Blue Book can tell you the general value of a vehicle, it doesn’t take into account important factors that could help you get more money for your vehicle. Use a free VIN search to prove to potential customers that your car is worth more than book value. For instance, if you’ve always had routine maintenance done on your car, including tire rotations and air filter replacements, your car likely gets good mileage. This can raise the value of your vehicle, especially to the right buyer. Another way to prove that your car has a higher value is if you can prove that the vehicle has never been involved in a major accident.

How Can You Perform a Free VIN Search?

You could probably go online, and with hours of searching, find some documents linked to the vehicle in question. But on your own, you probably won’t get very far. That’s why you need a search service to run a free VIN search for you. With, all you have to do is enter the VIN of a car. Then, VINCheckPro will comb through more than 40 million government records and insurance documents, to deliver any relevant content straight to your computer. Whether you are looking to buy a used car or to sell one, you can use this information to learn the history of that vehicle, and to determine what it’s worth.