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What You Could See from a Free License Plate Search in Kentucky?

When shopping for a used car in Kentucky, you might make a pros and cons list to help narrow down your options, but a free license plate search can help and provide deep insight.  A Kentucky license plate search will give you invaluable information on the vehicle and its history, including both the good and the bad things that you need to know about before purchasing a used car in Kentucky.

What Kinds of Documents and Records Will You Get When You Perform a Free License Plate Search?

When you use a search service to run a license plate lookup, you’ll get access to a variety of documents and records. These documents help you determine a much more accurate value for the vehicle, one that goes far beyond the basic qualifications used by Kelley Blue Book. Some of these will be government documents, such as DMV records showing who owns the license plate, where is registered, etc. Others will be insurance documents, filed after accidents or when damage was sustained following a natural disaster or vandalism. If there are any warranties on the vehicle from a dealership, you may also get documents stating that. Service records will also be available, if the mechanic who performed the maintenance or repairs entered them into a national database.

The Good Things to Look for When You Perform a Free License Plate Search

When you run a free license plate search, you might get lucky and discover that the used car you’re considering for purchase is a great find. If service records show that the car received routine maintenance, you won’t have to worry about any hidden problems that could escalate into costly repairs. If the tires have been regularly rotated and air filters changed, you may benefit from improved gas mileage. A history that is free of accidents and insurance claims means fewer potential problems and a higher value. Finding out that the vehicle has only had one or two owners is also a great find.

The Bad Things to Look for When You Perform a Free License Plate Search

While a free license plate search can reveal plenty of good things about a vehicle, they can also reveal plenty of bad. While looking through a car’s Kentucky vehicle history report, look for things like major accidents where the airbags deployed. Oftentimes these kinds of wrecks lead to the insurance agency considering the car totaled. But if they don’t, it means that the vehicle underwent major repairs. Sometimes you’ll find a vehicle with a title that isn’t clear. The current owner may have used the car as collateral for a loan. Or the vehicle may have been involved in a flood, leading the DMV to issue a flood title. Avoid cars with a flood title; water in the engine compartment causes lasting, costly damage.

How Can You Perform Your Own Free License Plate Search?

If you’re ready to start sifting through the good and the bad to find the perfect used car, it’s time to perform a free license plate check. All you have to do is enter the license plate number and state of registration into They’ll do the hard work for you by combing through more than 40 million government documents and insurance records. You’ll get instant, comprehensive results that will allow you to piece together the vehicle’s history report. You can use this to determine whether the vehicle is a good value, and whether it is the right choice for you.