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Protect Yourself With a Free License Plate Search in Idaho for Used Cars

When you’re picking out a used car for you or for a family member, safety is often a priority – which is why Idaho license plate records are imperative. It can be tough to figure out whether any particular used car is safer than the next on your own, but with a free license plate search, it’s simple. With just a bit of information and a quick search, you can gain access to any used vehicle’s Idaho vehicle history report. You can then use this report to decide whether the vehicle in question is a safe choice.

How Does a Free License Plate Search Protect You?

Deciding whether a car is safe is tough on your own. You can make sure that all of the seatbelts are there and check to see if the engine seems to be running properly. You can even choose a car with added safety features, like day time running lights or side airbags. But with an Idaho vehicle history report, you’ll learn so much more. There are a few incidents and details that you should be on the lookout for when choosing a safe used vehicle.

If the Idaho vehicle history report shows that the car was in a major accident, pay close attention to any repairs that were made

Accidents happen, insurance claims are filed, and repairs are made. But if the accident is bad enough, the damage may not be fully repairable. Alterations may have to be made, or may be chosen because they cut down on the repair costs. Additionally, if a professional mechanic isn’t used to repair the damage, the vehicle may not be safe at all. If a major accident appears when you run a free license plate search, think twice about whether that vehicle is right for you and your family.

Look for evidence of VIN cloning

VIN fraud occurs when a seller attempts to hide the true VIN of a vehicle by covering it up with a VIN from another car. They may do this because the car has a lot of miles and they plan to roll the odometer back to hide this. Or it may be because the car is stolen, and they don’t want the title traced back to the real owner. Whatever the reason is, you need a free VIN search to protect you and your family from the dangers of VIN cloning. If you don’t notice that a VIN is not the right one, you may end up with a car that has been in a bad accident and not been properly repaired, making it unsafe to drive. Or you may get a car with tons of miles on it that is likely to break down.

Avoid this by comparing the free VIN search records on the vehicle with the car itself. Look for details that aren’t quite right, like missing damage or an odometer reading that is far from what it should be. The VIN number is listed in several places around the car. A quick Google search will help you find the others on your vehicle, which you can use to compare to the one you have.

Check the recall history of the vehicle

Another safety detail that a free license plate search will uncover is whether any recalls have been issued for that vehicle. If so, the report will also tell you whether repairs were ever made to fix them. A car that has recalls that haven’t been repaired can be dangerous on the road.

Where Can You Get Your Free License Plate Search?

If you’re ready to get a free license plate search to help you find a safe used car in Idaho, can help. Their free service is fast and effective, giving you access to the records and documents that you need to make your choice.