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3 Secrets You Could Learn From a Florida License Plate Search

When it comes to buying a used car, the secret to having the upper hand in negotiations with the seller is knowing the car’s secrets. By running a free license plate check in Florida, you’ll have just that. You’ll know how many owners the car had. You’ll know whether it has ever been involved in a major accident or had insurance claims opened for it. You’ll know about any big repairs that have been made. Each of these details are powerful tools that you can use when negotiating a price for the used car.

What Kinds of Secrets Could You Find From a Florida License Plate Search?

The things that you could learn from a Florida license plate search go beyond just accidents and owners. There are many secrets that a seller is likely going to try to conceal from you, and that you will know from running a free license plate search or VIN lookup. Learning some of these secrets may cause you to change your mind entirely about your purchase, while others will be excellent tools to make sure that you aren’t overspending on that vehicle. Below are the top three that you should look out for:

Secret #1: A license plate search could help you find odometer fraud

A vehicle’s odometer should tell you how far a vehicle’s been driven and give you an idea of how long it may last. But tricky sellers may try to trick you into buying an older vehicle, one that’s closer to the end of its lifespan, by rolling the odometer back. While this is illegal, it can be tough to catch. But with a free license plate check, you’ll have a much better idea of how many miles the vehicle should have on it. Compare this to the odometer, and if it seems off, it may be time to walk away from the sale empty handed, and wait for a better deal.

Secret #2: The title isn’t in the sellers name

In order to legally buy a car and insure it, you’ll need to get the title signed over to you. If the seller isn’t the legal owner of the car, that’ll be impossible. Use a free license plate search to find out who’s name is on the title, and if the owner isn’t the seller, think twice before you buy.

Secret #3: A VIN check may reveal an incorrect VIN

Another of the many auto scams that you need to be aware of is VIN fraud. In order to hide the history of a car, a seller may cover up the VIN plate with a VIN from another vehicle. But with a free VIN search, you can look for details like past damage that is mysteriously missing or an incorrect odometer reading to identify this scam. You can also find the vehicle’s VIN number in multiple locations throughout the car, and compare those numbers. Its important to find the real VIN number and learn an accurate history for that vehicle, to make sure that it has the necessary safety features intact and no significant damage.

How Does a Free License Plate Search Help You Track Down Seller’s Secrets?

With a Florida vehicle history report in hand, you’ll have the information you need to decide whether a used car is the right one for you. You can get a free license plate check and/or VIN search from VINCheckPro. VINCheckPro has access to over 40 million government documents and insurance records, which means you’ll have everything you need to discover the seller’s secrets and negotiate the best deal on your next used car.