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3 Critical Used Car Facts You Need from a Connecticut Free License Plate Search

When you’re shopping for used cars, how do you decide which is the right choice for you without a Connecticut license plate lookup?  You could choose based on factors like color and price alone, or you could run a free license plate search to find critical information, including title status, accident history, and much more. 

What is a Free License Plate Search?

A free license plate search service provides you with access to a range of insurance documents and government records. All you do is enter a license plate number. You’ll find out who the number belongs to and what vehicle it is registered to. If any insurance claims have been made for the car, you’ll be able to see them. If you want even more information, you can also run a free VIN search, which will give you access to the Connecticut vehicle history report for that car, including past owners and their home states, accident reports, and more.

What Can You Really Learn from Connecticut License Plate Records?

When you run a free license plate search, you’ll gain access to many documents and records. The next step is to search through them, looking for several important details that can help you learn everything you’ll need to know about that vehicle. Of these details, there are three in particular that you should particularly pay attention to.

1. Has the vehicle ever had any recalls?

Recalls are issued for all kinds of problems. They are the result of some part of the car not meeting government safety standards. This could mean seatbelts that don’t stay locked, electronic bugs that affect how the car runs, or any number of other problems. While some can be more dangerous than others, when a recall is issued, the vehicle needs to be taken in for repairs. If you’re buying a used car, you need to know whether any recalls have ever been issued for it and whether they were repaired. A quick, free license plate search will help you and provide you with Connecticut license plate history – and so will a free VIN search as well. 

2. Has the vehicle received routine maintenance?

Even newer vehicles should receive routine maintenance. This can not only ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly, but can also prolong the life of your car. By having your tires checked for proper inflation and balance, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible fuel mileage. Checking to make sure that your air filters are changed on a regular basis will also help. Additionally, regular checks will help you find big problems quickly, which will make repairs cheaper and easier. But when buying a used car, how do you know if it has had regular maintenance? A free license plate search or free VIN search can help. Both will give you access to any maintenance records that have been filed.

3. Is the title clear?

When a vehicle has been heavily damaged, the DMV may issue it a salvage title. This means that significant repairs had to be made, with many new parts being added that were not original to the vehicle. Other kinds of titles may be issued for other damages, such as a flood title when a car’s engine has been submerged in water for a significant portion of time. These titles often mean that the car has a low value and could require costly upkeep repairs. To make sure the vehicle has a clear title, run a free license plate search or free VIN check.

To check and make sure that the used car you’re considering buying doesn’t have any of these three issues, run a free license plate search at With access to over 40 million government documents and insurance records in our databases, you’ll have a comprehensive Connecticut vehicle history report.