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Save Money with a Free VIN Search When Buying a Used Car in California

Choosing to buy a used car rather than a brand new one can be a great way to save money on your next vehicle purchase in California. But did you know that you could save even more money with a free VIN search? That’s because not doing thorough research on a vehicle’s history before you buy can lead to costly repairs. It could even lead to buying a car that lasts only a fraction of the time that you were expecting.

What Can You Learn from a Free VIN Search?

When you perform a free VIN search online, you’ll gain access to a number of records that will help you learn about that vehicle’s history. You’ll get a California vehicle history report, which will tell you about who has owned the vehicle, who the title currently belongs to, and more. You can even find out whether the vehicle had routine smog tests. To learn more about that vehicle before you buy, you should also run a free license plate search. In addition to information about who owns the vehicle, you’ll learn about any insurance claims that have been filed.

How Can the Information from a VIN Search Save You Money?

While the information that you’ll learn from a free VIN check is useful, you’re probably wondering how it could save you money. But depending on the vehicle and its history, there are many things that the California vehicle history report and insurance information will tell you that can save you money down the road.

A quick and free VIN search can save you loads of money when buying a used car in California. When you run a free VIN search or license plate search on, you’ll be getting access to some of more than 40 million government and insurance documents stored in VINCheckPro’s database. That means that the information you receive will be comprehensive, so that you can make a smart decision on your next used car purchase.