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4 Reasons To Run a Free License Plate Search in Arizona

While deciding what make and model to buy are important in buying a car, choosing to run a free license plate search might be the biggest decision you’ll make. Just as you wouldn’t buy a house without first getting an inspection, Arizona license plate history will tell you invaluable information about your potential purchase.  Especially if you’re buying a car out of state, running a license plate check beforehand might even save you a wasted trip.

Why Should You Run a Free License Plate Search?

Wondering what you could possibly learn from Arizona license plate records that could be more important than the make or model?  The answer is much!  You could learn about any accidents that the vehicle has been in and what kind of damage it sustained. You could learn about damage that the vehicle received from natural disasters, such as flooding.

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why you should run a free license plate search before you buy a vehicle in Arizona.

1: An Arizona License Plate Lookup Can Identify Odometer Crimes

In a bid to make an older car looker newer and more valuable than it is, a tricky seller may roll the odometer back. It’s illegal, but without a license plate lookup or VIN number search, it can be tough to prove. With Arizona license plate records, approximately odometer range based upon service and DMV records, you can determine whether the mileage on the odometer is accurate, helping you avoid buying a car that is much older or more used that you thought.

2:  Access Maintenance Records with an Arizona License Plate Search

Proper maintenance can keep a car running smoothly for many years, but without it, problems can build up over time, leading to costly damage. By running a free license plate search, you’ll have access to the repair records for that vehicle, letting you know whether it’s been taken in on a regular basis for repairs. If license plate lookup services in Arizona reveal the car has been in the shop monthly, you may decide the car needs more work than the seller is leading you to believe.

3: Discover Past Airbag Deployments and Major Accidents

An Arizona license plate lookup will also tell you about accidents that the vehicle has experienced. While minor fender-benders may not be cause for concern, if you find that the vehicle was in an accident where an airbag deployed, you may want to look further into the history of that car. Major accidents mean major damage, but with an Arizona vehicle history report, you will have the facts about accidents and the repairs that were made before you buy.  

4: Can the Car Be Legally Sold?      

A clear title is a necessity when it comes to buying a car. Without running a license plate check, you can’t be certain that the title is clear and legal. You could be unknowingly buying a stolen vehicle. Or if the title is no longer registered to the current owner, you won’t be able to get it signed over to you, which will prevent you from getting your new vehicle insured.  A free Arizona VIN search will give you peace of mind the title is clear and legally transferrable to you. 

How to Run A Free License Plate Search in Arizona?

If you’re ready for license plate lookup services in Arizona, VINCheckPro can help.  Start a free VIN search by simply inputting the vehicle’s VIN or license plate number, and VINCheckPro will comb through more than 40 million insurance and government records to deliver information straight to your computer. With just one simple, streamlined process, you’ll have the Arizona vehicle history report you need to make a smart decision on your next auto.