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4 Imperative Reasons to Perform an Alaska Vehicle License Plate Search

If you are looking to purchase a used car in The Last Frontier state, an Alaska vehicle license plate search is especially imperative.  Between the environmental terrain and weather, choosing a pre-owned vehicle that is safe and trustworthy can mean the difference between life and death on the road.  When you are reviewing Alaska license plate records, there are four imperative points to examine to ensure your vehicle is really road ready. 

1.  Verify the Ownership and Title in Alaska License Plate History

An Alaska license plate search will, first and foremost, return important title information.  Is it a valid title?  Or was it stolen?  Ideally, the title should be clean, but it could come back with totaled, salvage, rebuilt, junked, or flooded titles.  From this list, only rebuilt cars are ready to be taken on the road.  A rebuilt car was once totaled, but has been repaired and inspected and certified by the State of Alaska to be safe for driving. 

Alaska license plate records will also give you ownership information, showing you how many owner(s) the vehicle has.  This allows you to verify the current owner and if it is indeed a one-owner car like the advertisement claimed. 

2.  Check for Red Safety Flags in an Alaska Vehicle History Report

When you conduct an Alaska license plate lookup with VINCheckPro, you will be provided with a vehicle history report that will show if there are any safety concerns, such as: 

All of this information paints a fuller picture of the reality of the pre-owned vehicle you are considering purchasing.  Were there major accidents with structural damage?  Is the car actually salvage or total loss?  Was the vehicle considered a lemon?  How many recalls were on this car?  How safe was this car when it was tested?  Was it used heavily commercially? 

3.  Detect Odometer Rollback Fraud with Alaska Service Records

Odometer rollback is illegal, yet not an uncommon practice in the used car market.  An Alaska license plate lookup will give you an odometer reading, allowing you to compare the numbers.  If the odometer on the car reads much lower than what the Alaska service records reveal, then you are seeing a major red flag. 

4.  Confirm Authenticity of VINs with an Alaska License Plate Lookup 

When you perform a license plate lookup, the VIN for the vehicle will be part of the Alaska vehicle history report.  Compare the VIN from the report to what is given for the vehicle to confirm the numbers.  If there are discrepancies, this shows there was VIN tampering – which occurs when there’s much to hide about the vehicle and its history.  Perhaps it was a stolen vehicle or one that was flooded. 

A vehicle history report with Alaska license plate information can reveal the full story of the car you are considering.  Keep in mind that if you perform a license plate search instead of a VIN search, you may be given multiple records for that plate number.  Usually, this is because the owner has used the plate on different vehicles, and you simply need to choose the model and make of the particular vehicle you are researching and considering. 

With more than 40 million government and private insurance records in its database, VINCheckPro’s free license plate search can provide you with a wealth of critical information about the pre-owned vehicle you are considering in Alaska.  Simply enter in the license plate numbers, and will do the rest in pulling up an Alaska vehicle history report to help you make the best buying decision.