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5 Critical Car Facts Found in an Alabama License Plate Search

With more than two million registered cars in the Heart of Dixie, an Alabama license plate search can provide you with invaluable information, from title issues to previous accidents.  If you are considering purchasing a used car, performing a free license plate lookup pays off tremendously, possibly preventing you from coming home with an automobile that’s a lemon, stolen, or illegally on the road. 

The foremost important fact revealed when checking Alabama license plate history is the condition of its title and how it is registered with the Alabama DMV.  Ideally, you want a clean title, which means it’s free from major accidents, has not experienced an odometer rollback, and has never been purchased back by the manufacturer as a lemon.      

However, if there are title issues, the vehicle history report could show:

Confirming Ownership with an Alabama Vehicle History Report

An Alabama license plate search can reveal the ownership history of the car.  Is it really a one-owner vehicle?  Or has it been stolen?  Is the person from whom you’re purchasing the used car the rightful owner? 

Are There Liens in the Alabama License Plate Records? 

Alabama license plate details will identify if there are any existing liens on the vehicle, which means the car is collateral for a loan.  Before purchasing a used car, it’s imperative to ensure the car will be legally and financially yours after you pay the seller. 

Is the Odometer Accurate? 

When you perform a license plate lookup, the vehicle history report will give an accurate estimate for the range of the odometer mileage.  Compare this figure with what the seller is showing you on the odometer.  If the mileage on the car’s odometer is much less than what’s given in the Alabama service records, this is a major red flag for an odometer that has been rolled back. 

Did the Car Pass Vehicle Inspection? 

When you perform a license plate search in Alabama, you can see whether the car passed the most recent vehicle inspection, giving you more insight into how the car truly runs.  

How to Conduct a Free License Plate Search?

Looking for Alabama license plate history is streamlined thanks to  You can use either the VIN or the state and the license plate number to begin the search.  Simply input the numbers and letters, and VINCheckPro will parse through 40 million government and insurance records, instantly delivering available public information to you.  In addition to the important facts discussed in this article, VINCheckPro’s Alabama vehicle history report can include a plethora of other information, such recalls, livery usage, and much more. 

With VINCheckPro, Alabama license plate lookup services are streamlined into one, and you will be equipped with imperative facts to make the right purchasing decision for your pre-owned vehicle.