What You Need To Know About Autocheck.com

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AutoCheck.com is one of the largest providers of vehicle history reports today. This website is used by major names in the used car industry, including Edmunds, eBay Motors, Kelley Blue Book, and NADA Guides. The online service also provides free VIN lookups to individuals in the market for a used vehicle, with information provided in a flash right on their website. Since its inception, AutoCheck.com continues to add services and features to meet the needs of their massive market.

About AutoCheck.com

AutoCheck.com is the leading provider of vehicle history reports for Experian, one of the top credit reporting agencies in the country. Experian Automotive, a division of Experian Group Ltd., was created to provide information and assistance to individuals in the automotive industry, including dealers, manufacturers, insurance companies and finance companies. Consumers can also benefit from the wealth of services available through Experian.


As a partner with Experian, AutoCheck.com provides integrated services that include Experian’s credit and consumer information with a broad database of vehicle histories encompassing more than 500 million vehicles. With such a wealth of information provided through a single, one-stop service, AutoCheck.com is positioned to raise the bar on consumer knowledge for all those in the market for a vehicle.

What AutoCheck Offer

Consumers that purchase an AutoCheck.com vehicle history report will have access to the following information:

  • Report Summary – includes basic information about a vehicle, such as the year, make and model
  • Odometer Check – provides the most recent odometer information possible, to protect used car shoppers from potential odometer fraud
  • Title Check – offers vital information about title history, including number of owners, and whether a vehicle has ever had a junk or salvage title
  • Full Vehicle History – includes registrations, title transfers, odometer records, emissions inspections, and auction reports
  • Use and Event Check – lets potential owners know whether the car was ever used as a taxi or rental vehicle, was ever leased, or if it was ever reported lost or stolen

Vehicle history reports from AutoCheck.com are also hyperlinked, which means if any red flags come up on the report, the information is linked to additional explanations of the issue at the bottom of the report. This feature allows for fast perusal of reports, so potential buyers can quickly rule out vehicles based on troubling history or other information. Sample histories are also included, to help users understand and decode all the information included.

AutoCheck.com – The Good and Bad

Like one of their major competitors, Carfax, AutoCheck.com offers buyback protection that covers a buyer from problems associated with information missed on the AutoCheck report. The protection promises to cover what the consumer paid for the vehicle, plus up to $500 in aftermarket accessories. This guarantee provides peace of mind to consumers relying on a free carfax from AutoCheck.com as a major factor in their purchase decision.

In addition, AutoCheck.com offers a unique comparison tool that issues a numeric rating for every vehicle based on its history and mileage. This score provides a quick snapshot of what a potential buyer might expect from a used vehicle in terms of reliability, performance and maintenance costs.

AutoCheck.com offers relatively affordable vehicle history reports, at $24.99 for individual reports, $44.99 for 25 reports and $99.99 for unlimited reports. This website has become one of the top names in vehicle history reports in recent years, due to attractive features and pricing and comprehensive vehicle histories.

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