Vincheckpro Vs. Carfax: Same Records, Different Prices

If you’re looking for a VIN number check free or a VIN lookup free, VINCheckPro provides you with your first check free.  Simply enter in the 17-digit serial number, and the VIN report will be instantly retrieved for your review.  The free VIN search is secure, detailed, and accurate, listing the vehicle specifications, any junk/salvage/loss titles, title information and problems, odometer, and other reported records.  If necessary, you can also run a background report on the car owner’s personal details. has checked and verified over 3 million vehicles through the database of millions of records.  Conducting a VIN decoder search, you can ascertain if the car you’re considering has junk, salvage, and loss records – as well as possible odometer rollback fraud.  While a car may look sparkly on the outside, a VIN lookup free report will help you uncover any hidden damages that have been reported, saving you thousands in the future from repairs.

Same VIN Databases as Carfax

Like Carfax, a VIN decoder report from VINCheckPro provides an entire database of information regarding your prospective car from government sources, including the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, state DMV, police records, and more than 40 million junk, salvage, and insurance records, including:

  • Accident history records
  • Junk, salvage, and total loss titles
  • Structural damage history
  • Any commercial taxi use
  • Ownership and lease history
  • Any police use or records
  • Theft history check
  • Vehicle specifications
  • More than 60 vehicle problem categories
  • Environmental friendliness score
  • Odometer estimates
  • Recalls
  • Safety ratings

Accurate and More Affordable

While Carfax reports are $39.99 for one report or $59.99 for five reports, VINCheckPro is a much more affordable and accurate option at only $6.95 for one report and $12.95 for five reports.  VINCheckPro has the same access to the databases from which Carfax pulls, but the pricing is significantly lower.

If you need a VIN lookup free, VINCheckPro is a smart stop in your research and for your pocketbook!